The most important job that you are EVER going to have is being your own best boss.

That’s right. You can be the best boss you have ever had. What an exciting and HUGE opportunity.

Whether you are running your own company or you have a manager, you have the most critical role in driving your own success.

The stakes are super high. This is your career. Get ready to take the driver’s seat and lead the way.

Here’s how to be your own best boss:

Ten self motivation tips for having a growth mindset and driving your own successful career.

Set Measurable, Ambitious and Realistic Goals

How will you know how you are doing if you have not formally articulated a goal?  Be sure you can measure your success. Set milestones and check progress regularly. Your goal should be a significant stretch but not so crazy you are setting yourself up to fail.

Develop a Proactive Strategic Road Map

Those are fancy marketing words but this doesn’t have to be fancy. Simply write down all the things you have to do to get where you want to go. Put those in an order that makes sense. Boom. There is your strategic roadmap. Planning is a critical part of being your own best boss.

Give Yourself Positive Feedback 

Yes. Seriously. Take a moment to formally recognize when you have kicked some ass. Strike a victory pose. Say “I am amazing” out loud. These are your fun cheerleading moments.

Dole Out Tough Love When Needed

Falling behind on your deadlines? Playing it too safe? Don’t go too easy on yourself. Constructive feedback is as important as positive reinforcements. These are your serious coaching moments.

Change Course As Required

Flexibility is key when being your own best boss. Sometimes awesome opportunities present themselves that couldn’t be anticipated. Take those. Other times, a major challenge arises that you didn’t see coming. Consider ways around those. Even if it means you have to change your strategic road map a bit, stay focused but flexible.

Brag Humbly When Warranted 

Don’t be shy. People want to cheer you on. Share your good news on your socials and make some calls to tell your besties and family. This also lets the universe know you are proud, grateful and ready for more.

Always Be Learning

Invest in yourself. Proactively plan in time to take courses, listen to podcasts and meet with mentors. Get better at skills you have. Have fun learning more about what you enjoy. Learn enough to get through tough tasks you know you have to do.

Call in Help When Needed

Don’t be a martyr. It’s important to realize you don’t have to be good at EVERYTHING. It’s very smart and called being “resourceful” to bring in additional support when needed. Asking for help is absolutely you being your best boss ever.

Have Fun and Take Time To Celebrate

The work is never done. But the work should never suck. When things have gone well, you need to pause and celebrate. You don’t have to wait until your goal is fully met either. Celebrate milestones and solid progress. Go out for a fancy dinner, crack open a bottle of champagne, whatever you want. You earned it.

Give Yourself Breaks and REAL Vacations

Your productivity will be much higher if you treat yourself with respect and allow yourself a balanced life. Being your own best boss means you know you need “strategic disengagement.” Don’t feel guilty. A full break away from work will refuel your mind, body and spirit.

Are you ready to be your own best boss?

This truly is the opportunity of a life time.

This is self motivation on steroids.

You can take full accountability for your own career experience.

Do these ten things and you will be on your way to a very rewarding, fun and successful career.

Be your own best boss and enjoy the dream-come-true career you deserve.