In a world where everything seems to be taken, be an exception. Everyone wants to be “in” to be in the groove, to go with the flow, to go where the crowd is or to simply do not be left behind. Sometimes life is so fast we forget how to properly sail our boat with superb balance. Always remember to keep the very person that you are and share it to the whole world. It does not mean that you are an anti-social but you are just being authentic to the person that you are–the real you. Attend to gatherings that promote and empower and bring the best in you–find your people. These are your circle of friends, your small community or just your comfortable people to hang out with. Sometimes these are the ones that are most likley with the same interest as you, the same wave lengths of minds, the same appetite for foods and the same people who mostly undertand just the way you are. 

Be committed to your own inner core, soon you will find your dream buddies.