A page right out of my personal journal. It moves through the process of just allowing yourself to BE with your emotions. It’s so easy these days to avoid, get distracted, and run from how we feel. You can’t ever really escape though. Those emotions are there no matter how hard you try to numb them. AND it creates a vibe radiating out from you that attracts back those very same emotions. Want to shift?? I know I did. Here is what I do now. Hope it helps you process too. No more suppressing, running and numbing to the point of burnout and DISease…

Just be with my emotions. They are here in my body for me to notice. I can observe them and let them pass through me as energy trying to move and transform.

Or I can suppress them and let them lodge in my cells, bloat from the pressure of the unmetabolized energy and cause pain.

If I try to escape the pain it will turn to suffering becaus it never had the opportunity to be shifted or dissolved.

So here I am feeling scared as hell. I walked away from something that my soul knew was not in alignment with my purpose. It meant giving up a substantial amount of income. And all the brain chatter is coming through. I’m going to run out of money. I won’t be able to pay my bills. I’m anxious. I’m sad. I’m in pain. It’s ok!! It’s so miraculous really…to be human. To feel all of it. I’m alive! I love it! I love my human feelings. I am worthy of feeling them too. The frustration, the anger.

Going to scream. Stomp my feet. Lose my shit. Cry!!

From here I can see that this is not what I really want to feel. In this moment I want to feel happy, light, free. All I have is this precious moment and then it will pass and dissolve back into the ether for a new one to come in. A new opportunity. A new experience. A new energy. A new vibe. A new body sensation.

Thinking about my bills. Worrying. The unknown. It’s all my own projected problems out into a future that doesn’t even exist yet. Why choose that problem? Instead I get to choose another thought all together. Interesting! If I choose to think about the future then I choose to believe that I there is abundance all around me. I choose to believe that I’m fully supported. I choose to believe that it’s fun and be really excited right now about all the beautiful ways I can serve others and make an impact.

So knowing that it’s already done, what do I get to do now to accelerate the process? What can I be excited about now? What choice can I make to feel happy right now?

Send love to my peeps! Send pink healing light to all who need it. Open my heart.

Be actively appreciative for what I have in this moment.

Love energy. Love everything. Love every single part of myself.