We’re all a little bit beat up these days.

Not only do 80% of adults report having some sort of lower back pain, countless people deal with arthritis, pain, swelling and general discomfort in their everyday lives. As you may imagine, this can be an incredibly difficult way to go through life, particularly if you also work a job that involves physical exertion.

It’s no wonder also that many emergency room visits and painkiller abuse are also happening at high levels.

To avoid the pitfalls of chronic pain by healing yourself and avoiding such injuries, follow the three tips in this article.

Engage in Practices That Fortify and Heal Your Body

Prevention is everything, and when it comes to your physical body, being proactive is the best thing you can do.

However, you also need to make sure that you are training smart.

If you’re not doing yoga, you are truly robbing yourself of one of the most phenomenal strength training exercises, which doubles as stretching, a mindfulness activity and spiritual food. Hit the yoga mat regularly so that you can strengthen and tone your body from head to toe, move more fluidly and heal inflammation before it begins to give you problems.

Get Your Work Station and Practices in Order

People have such lower back pain mostly due to poor posture. Make an effort to fix your posture and you will not only avoid neck and back pain, you will also feel more energized and connected.

Set up an office chair that creates upright posture with plenty of support. You can also fill your workplace with nice little gadgets like posture bean bags and neck pillows. Take frequent breaks as well so that you don’t become mentally and physically fatigued, which will also lead to injury.

Take Advantage of Some Massage and Therapy

Finally, don’t shy away from giving your body the TLC that it needs.

Visit the chiropractor regularly to make sure your back and neck are aligned and that you’re not letting swelling give you unnecessary pain. You should also get therapeutic massages and take advantage of holistic practices like acupuncture and sauna detoxes to truly unlock your body’s power centers and relieve pain.

Follow these tips so that you can lead an active life in which pain is a thing of the past.