Artist, for thrive global
  1.  Get outside. Spending time camping and hiking boosts creativity. A study found, Backpackers who were given a 10-item creativity test four days into their trip did about 50 percent better on it than people who were tested before the trek. “I think most people intuitively understand the restorative value of a walk on the beach or time spent in the woods, but research is showing that humans seem to have an innate affinity for the patterns and forms we find in nature.
  2. Just play. Try not to worry too much about how “good” the art you are creating is. “It keeps you from exploring.” If being an artist is in part about acting stupid, now that’s something I can do. The next time I paint a purple birdie at someone’s request, I’ll quit focusing on how goofy the eyes look and just try to have fun.
  3. Never compare yourself. Most of the artists compare themselves to others and get the mindset of being poor artist as compare to others. This affects the work and can let you getting more poor than before. An artist should always feel himself as the best in the room.