Parenting has never been easy, but it’s interesting. Seeing your newborn grow into a mature and reasonable being is great thing to any parent. But, what do you need to do during the transitioning phases? Here are top parenting tips to help you become a great parent.

Be a Safe Haven

Let your child know that they’re safe when you’re around. Be sensitive to their needs and always show that you care. Be supportive and responsible to your baby’s needs. Let your baby see the difference when you’re around and when you’re away.

Spend time with your children and make time even when you have a tight schedule. 

Communicate and Listen to Your Child

When you open up with your child, you’re building a relationship with them. The bold between you and your child is solidified when you have an open line of communication.

Talk with your child when they feel bothered. Let them not be afraid to open up because you’ll shout at them. Listen to your child even when you don’t have a solution to every problem they’re facing.

Demonstrate Your Love

There is this notion that loving your child too much will translate to spoiling them.

Only when you choose to offer material indulgence in place of real love will you be spoiling your child. Real love are the little things you do to your child like spending time with them, listening to them and hugging them occasionally.

These small acts will keep your child content and calm because acts of love stimulate the release of feel-good hormones like opioids, prolactin and oxytocin.

I’ve heard so many children questioning their parents love. Do not be one of them.

Be a Role Model

Sometimes it’s not about what you tell your child. It’s about what you do. Children tend to copy what their parents are doing and integrate their parents’ habits in their lifestyle. If you behave badly, you’re giving them a go-ahead to copy your ways.

Be the good person you’d want your child to be. Lead by example. Walk the talk. Respect your child, listen to them, show them love and empathy and your little angel will follow suit.

Love Your Children Equally

Do not compare your children. Do not let your children think that one of them is favored than the other because this will create a rift between them.  Let your children know that they’re loved equally through your actions.

Strengthen Their Self Esteem

Avoid negative comments like “what a stupid person you are” and such other loads of negative comments. Your tone and body language are very important. Choose your words with compassion and precision because whatever you speak is absorbed by children and may either affect or strengthen their self-esteem.

Little praises on your child’s accomplishments will boost their self esteem to feel strong, proud and capable.

Bringing up a child in the right way is the responsibility of every parent. As your child grows, your parenting style will change because your kids will be accustomed to how they’re expected to live. Do the small things you’re supposed to do: care for them, respect them, support them and your child will have no reason to get lost because you diligently did your part.