The answer is simple: Why re-invent the wheel? Why make life so much harder for yourself?

Go find someone successful in your field and copy what he’s done. Decide on a successful person and follow what that person has done so you may shorten your journey to success; to achieving your goals.

I heard these words over and over again. They floated in and out of my conscious awareness until one day the time was right for me to understand the concept.

I decided my first step was not how to become a role model but for me to find a successful person in my field to emulate. Once I achieve my goal, I could be a role model to others: I first needed to learn myself. It seems that many successful people have long realized the power of role modelling and are using it fully to their benefit.
So what’s it all about and why don’t we use it?

Is it because it’s hard work, or is it because we’re lazy, or we simply don’t understand its power? Or do we feel that we have to fail so many times before we succeed: that role modelling is cheating?

Let me tell you, the power of role modelling is huge. It could save you months if not years of hard effort to get you where you want to be and have what you want. Literally!

Why would you spend your time re-inventing the wheel of success? If you want to be innovative, you may do so by all means, but do so after you have achieved some level of success, or are at least further than you are now.

The idea of learning the success strategies from someone first before I learn how to become a role model myself was a great wake-up moment for me. Learn and emulate from the others: they had already passed through the trials and tribulations of success for me.

Why not take aboard their success strategies, copy them, perhaps adjust them or tweak them a little to suit you more, and shorten the journey to your success thereby side-stepping any strategies that don’t work.

Here’s how the simple process works:

Find a person who you have identified is successful in your field. Study that person: read his or her books, watch videos and interviews, listen to audios, see if you can meet the person.

Learn all that you can about the person: what he or she did to achieve success, what specific strategies, tools and resources were used, who they mingled with.

By learning all the ins and outs of their success you can shorten your journey and avoid making the same mistakes they have made. What a concept! Study and emulate successful people and then learn how to become a role model to help others achieve their goals.