1. Louisa, thank you for joining us today for this brief interview. For the sake of our readers, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me. Well to start off, I’m a photographer and a model, primarily on Instagram. I’m extremely passionate about art, and I have been since I was enrolled in an art class in my early childhood where I learned how to draw. From there, photography and modeling captured my interest as they go hand-in-hand. I began my career on Instagram about one year ago and I’ve already managed to accumulate more than 1 million followers which I am very proud of. My work focuses on the art of natural women beauty as well as natural sexuality that women should never feel ashamed of. I also love to travel, so I often upload travel videos to my YouTube channel.

2. What inspired the idea to start your business? Was there a specific moment you can recall when the idea came to you?

I recall watching Instagram models and photographers collaborate with each other, and I remember thinking about how amazing and useful it would be for a single person to be both a model and a photographer. Since the two positions go hand-in-hand to create beautiful art, it’s very beneficial for a model to work with a photographer who is also a model, as no one understands the complexities of modeling like a model herself/himself. When it comes to my limits as a photographer, I’m not afraid of difficult weather conditions. I can shoot during winter when the temperature is below zero, or walk along the salt lake with very sharp surfaces that almost cut my feet while filming YouTube videos and clients. I can also shoot at any time, whether it be 4 AM or deep into the night. For me, this independence and freedom that my business gives me is the strongest motivating factor for me to succeed.

3. What role does having a strong mindset play when starting a business?

Mindset is everything when you are running your own business. First of all, working as an Instagram model, photographer, and YouTuber is very difficult. People who have never tried this type of profession assume that it’s a very easy way to make money, but if you want to earn GOOD money, it’s a challenge creating high quality content on a consistent basis while managing everything else. I don’t have a professional team, as I do most things by myself. In some cases when I need help, I will ask my family or close friends for their assistance if needed. Being surrounded by people who are reliable and who support you is incredibly important, and knowing you have people in your corner can not only boost your confidence, but your mindset will be stronger too. It’s also very important to put forth a substantial amount of effort into your work. I work without taking days off because I love my work so much and am constantly trying to excel in my craft and find ways to improve. It’s important to brainstorm and reflect on your work to gather new ideas and ways in which things can be done better. So yes, a strong mindset is imperative if you’re looking to start a business, and it takes time and consistency to build a strong mind.

4. Does your work seek to portray a message? What is something you want to accomplish through the art that you create?

Great question! Yes, my art definitely has a purpose and a message. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a very open-minded individual. I believe that people are free to do and create anything they want, as long as they do not harm other people. Through my work, I strive to make people understand the difference between vulgarity and the art of sexuality, and I’m constantly battling against stigmas and prejudices. These two things are completely different, and one must have a special mindset to differentiate the two. Nowadays, our society shames curvy women for simply having curves and for strongly expressing natural sexuality. Society tends to shame curvy women for not fitting into modern “standards”. People need to stop oversexualizing everything, and I make that a focus in my work.

5. Louisa, where can readers keep up with you online?

Readers can keep up with me on my Instagram and YouTube channel.