1. Monica, thank you for joining us for a brief interview. For the benefit of our readers, tell us a bit about your story?

Of course! I’m a first-generation immigrant, and I would definitely consider myself to be self-made. I have been through numerous hardships, and I’m here to prove that anything can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. In the midst of the social media boom, I saw the vast opportunity and power within social media, so I dove full-force into pursing my dreams as a model and I never looked back. I’ve managed to accumulate a fan-base of nearly a million followers, and I strive to use my platform to inspire others to chase and achieve their goals and dreams.

2. Can you tell us how you first found a passion for entrepreneurship?

This is great question. To make a long story short, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in education, and pursued a career in teaching for a little over a year. Although it was rewarding at times, I realized my career wasn’t as fulfilling as I had once imagined it to be. I decided to pursue a career in business and began working in business development for various companies. I gained success in the business realm, and it led me to open my very own nail business. Although I did well in both roles,I had this lingering desire of becoming a model in the back of my mind. Modeling was something my mother had never approved of nor encouraged, but in 2014, I decided to move to the United states to pursue my dreams.

“If you pursue a specific goal and you aren’t maintaining a positive mindset, you will not succeed. Often times, if you can’t control your mindset you will begin to become desperate for success, and at that point you’ve already lost.” — Monica Huldt

3. What are the fundamental keys to your success?

I attribute my success on social media to my ability to remain completely genuine and how I am able to cultivate authentic relationships with my fans. I’ve found that I am able to set myself apart from others by being personable with my fans, and making each of them feel special in their own way. I really enjoy learning about their lives, interests, families, struggles, and so on. I’ve found it especially important to be there for my fans during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many of them are experiencing difficult situations. Dedication, perseverance, and consistency have all enabled me to successfully build a six-figure business which continues continues to grow with time. For all the young entrepreneurs out there- do not give up when things aren’t going the way you imagined; just keep pushing forward.

4. What big plans do you have for the future?

I always strive to be a role model for young entrepreneurs and I want to show them that through hard work and perseverance, the American Dream is possible. Although I have accomplished many of my dreams and exceeded my expectations as an entrepreneur and model, I strongly believe that I’m just getting started. I plan to continue growing in my modeling career, and I want to continue to be an advocate for women in the entertainment industry. Along with my Husband, I have exciting plans to use my knowledge as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry with our goal being to one day pass on a real estate business to our future children.

5. Monica, thank you for joining us today. Where can readers keep up with you online?

You can keep up with me on my Instagram.