1. Shani, thank you for joining us for this brief interview. Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you first got started in your career.

Thank you for having me! I am originally from Toronto, Canada, and although I didn’t start out as a model, I was involved in a similar industry prior to becoming one. After graduating from college, I began my first career in the fashion business industry. I really enjoyed my work, but ultimately I decided to join my family’s real estate business. While working, I was presented with an opportunity to be a model in a friend’s school project. I did not have any prior modeling experience, but after posting the photos from our photo-shoot for the project to Facebook, everything changed for me. I realized my potential as a model and began to pursue modeling seriously. Through a lot of hard work, I was able to become published in some of my dream magazines.

2. What traits or actions would you say have helped you reach the level of success you find yourself at today?

This is a great question, and I believe many things have contributed to my success as a model. First of all, most individuals in the modeling industry do not have an extensive work background in the world of business. Coming from a corporate job as well as my family’s real estate business, I learned a great deal about marketing and how to effectively grow a business. In my case, my social media platforms are my business, so it was just a matter of trial and error. Once I figured out what strategies worked best for me on social media and helped drive my growth, things began to quickly come together for me. I also spend a lot of time networking, as this is a great way to meet like-minded individuals and further your chances of coming across more opportunities. I often attend networking events, and I would encourage anyone in any career to do the same.

3. Aside from modeling, do you have any exciting plans for the near future that you can share with us?

I do have some really exciting plans for the future! I’m currently planning my newest venture which will will consist of me becoming a life coach for those dealing with addiction and mental health issues. Helping others is what I’m most passionate about, and from my experience dealing with these issues as well as personally experiencing many of them, I know I can really help a lot of people overcome their battles. I also plan to continue expanding my real estate business as well as my modeling career. Although I have had success modeling in my career so far, I still have many big goals that I am working hard to accomplish. I hope to be on the covers of Maxim and many other major magazines in the near future.

4. What key advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur or model?

I would tell any aspiring entrepreneur or model to focus on what makes them unique and to keep a strong mindset throughout the entire process, especially in the beginning. To attract people to your brand, product, or service, it’s crucial to capitalize on what makes you unique and what differentiates you from the rest of the group. When you identify your unique qualities, you should use them to the best of your ability. For me personally, this was being someone my fans could relate to on a personal level which helped me build my fan base from a small amount to nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram. A determined and positive mindset are traits that will help you succeed in every aspect of life. No matter how successful you become, there will always be challenges along your journey. It’s important to always to plan, keep a positive mindset, and never give up.

5. Shani, thank you for joining us for this brief interview. Where can readers keep up with you online?

Thank you for having me! Readers can keep up with me on my Instagram.