“The purer and simpler our vibrational field, the more we can observe, explore, and expand across the spectrum of subconsciousness, consciousness, and super consciousness.” Sidhharrth S Kumaar was born on the 14th of September in the year 1990. He was born and brought up in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

He is an Astro-numerologist who has proven experience in both the modern world and occult sciences. Astro-numerology is the mix of crystal gazing and numerology to break down the character and help plan for future patterns in one’s day to day existence. Every planet has a relating number that best epitomizes its temperament. We allude to the Sun and Moon as planets in soothsaying. For instance, the moon compares to number 2 and all numbers that separate to 2, for example, 11, 20, and 29. The moon and base number 2 address feelings, instinct, feeling, security, instinctual responses, and closeness.

The planet Jupiter compares to number 3 and they address theory, religion, hopefulness, significant distance travel, karma, and amusement. Astro-numerology is a generally new field however both crystals gazing and numerology’s set of experiences ranges back for quite a long time. Since Astro-numerologists utilize both soothsaying and numerology in making expectations, they acquire a more complete picture than individuals who just use either crystal gazing or numerology. His hobbies are giving people advice and reading. Academically, he holds a degree in Pharmacy in the scientific field and has been trained under family traditions in occult sciences. He is a religious person and believes in god. He believes in Lord Shiva.

He handles people’s problems by listening to them patiently and giving them spiritual advice. He makes sure that his experiences help people with their life. His drive force is to transform every person’s life’s he ever comes in contact with. He is not a person who is much active on any social media. He rather prefers meeting people face to face and help in solving their problems. His availability depends upon the appointment calendar which he carries everywhere. He exclaims that the best thing he has experienced in this field is that he has become his best version and has helped a lot of people across different backgrounds.

He also shares a state when he is not able to find a solution to anything so he believes that God helps him to find a way out. He has transformed the lives of many people throughout his journey as being an Astro Numerologist. He only feels that people who lie and pretend to be telling the truth by being fake, he hates the fact and cannot tolerate this. He has worked hard to make people of this generation believe that Astro Numerology is like a guiding torch of time and not a mode to change destiny. He also shares a positive message to the public that is to be Patient and Keep doing your best in all situations.