1. Charlie, thank you for agreeing to this brief interview. For the benefit of our readers, please tell us a little about yourself.

Thank you for having me. First off, I am a 29-year old entrepreneur and real estate business owner. Real estate is something I have so much passion for, and I am blessed to do what I love each day. Making a positive difference in the world is everything to me, and I enjoy meeting new people and developing authentic relationships with them. I’ve always been an ambitious person, and I give my maximum effort in anything I set my mind to. I am also someone who wants to inspire as many people as possible, especially young entrepreneurs.

2. Clearly you have found great success in world of real estate. Please tell our readers how you started in that industry, and what led you to create your own business?

It all started back in 2012 while I was in college studying economics at The University of Arizona. I accepted a job working for a private equity company where I was able to gain hands-on experience working with finance, multi-family real estate and commercial acquisitions. I acquired and sharpened many skills in this role. I performed well as a top producer and was offered a position dedicated to luxury vacation rentals. I was sourcing multi-million dollar single-family acquisitions in the San Diego market, which taught me so much about the most lavish side of the real estate market.

After dedicating myself as a student of my craft, I felt very confident dealing with luxury real estate, so much so that I began to have thoughts of starting my own real estate business. As someone with a natural entrepreneurial spirit, it was just a matter of time. I left my job after a very successful run with the company and obtained my real estate license. From there, I launched my career and company. It was very difficult at first, but I put in the time and effort which led me to accumulate sales of over $50 million worth of residential real estate since 2015.

Charlie Lazarus (2019)

3. Real estate is a very competitive industry- how do you set yourself apart from your competition? What is your secret to mastering the industry?

You’re right, it’s definitely a competitive industry; however, I was able to differentiate myself in multiple ways. Although it seems simple, having a strong work ethic and remaining authentic through the entire process have both elevated me to the level I am at today. I have always made it a goal to be the hardest worker in the “room”, and people started to take notice. I believe that in order to become the best at your craft, you can’t sit around and wait for opportunities to knock on your door, you must go out and take what is yours; it’s a mindset. Authenticity is just as important, as you must be able to connect with people on a personal level and build relationships. I give my full attention and time to everyone I come across, and that definitely goes a long way. People can sense when you are authentic, and that energy definitely makes people want to work with you.

Aside from those two things, I constantly strive to think outside of the box. For example, after spending a few years in this industry, I realized that when prospective clients are searching for a luxury home, they have painted a picture in their minds of the lavish lifestyle associated with owning such a home. With this in mind, I built a marketing tool which I call “Social Estates”. This tool enables clients to experience the luxury lifestyle they have envisioned. This experience includes “a day in the life” videos, which are essentially highlight-reels of the luxury lifestyle. These videos consist of things such as sushi chefs, bartenders, DJ performances, and luxury cars.

4. Charlie, we appreciate you joining us for this interview. Where can readers keep up with you online?

You can visit my website, or feel free to follow me on Instagram.