1. Holly, thank you for joining us today for this brief interview. Please tell our readers a little bit about how you became involved in the world of entrepreneurship.

Thank you for having me! My journey began as a student studying business at Cal State Fullerton where I enjoyed the college life and found success in the classroom. I worked really hard in my classes and my good grades helped me grab the attention of a well-known marketing agency. I was offered a position with the company shortly after. This was not an easy decision as I had to leave school early, but I recognized how important this opportunity would be for my career. I’m really glad I chose to take the position, as I gained extensive knowledge in the world of marketing and business management. This helped me a lot down the line, especially when I created my own business and became a full-fledged entrepreneur.

2. At what point did you realize you wanted to become a social media influencer?

Before I considered becoming an influencer myself, I had been working with a number of influencers in various marketing campaigns. I began to notice how much money they were earning off of social media, so I decided to apply what I had learned and tried it for myself. I knew I had some potential, but I never really imagined that I would reach the level I’m at today in the social media space. I joke a lot about how I didn’t realize my success until I began receiving messages from people I was a fan of asking to work with me.

3. How has your background as a businesswoman helped you in the social media space as an influencer?

My business background has helped me substantially. It has given me the tools and knowledge needed to market myself and grow my platforms as well as my businesses. Not many people in this industry can earn money modeling online and then walk into a conference room and demand respect from corporate leaders. It’s definitely not easy for models and influencers to break into traditional business. The stereotypes associated with being young and attractive usually comes with people not taking you seriously. Fortunately for me, business is something I am very confident in.

“I’ve always led with the idea that if you do good work then you will get the respect you deserve regardless of your background.” – Holly Valentine

4. Do you have any big upcoming plans for the near future you’d like to share with us?

Currently, I’m working on a special project that I am unable to discuss at the moment, but I can share that I’m planning on doing a lot of traveling and I’m working on a fun way to share that experience with my fans, especially on YouTube. Aside from that, I am still working hard to continue growing my social media and my businesses. I look forward to sharing more details with my followers soon, so stay tuned!

5. Holly, where can readers keep up with you online?

Readers can keep up with me on my YouTube, or follow me on Instagram.