1. Nicholas, thank you for joining us today for this brief interview. For the sake of our readers, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me. Well, I’m originally from Jamaica and I grew up in a setting where I quickly learned how to hard work and be disciplined. I have always been an ambitious person, and even when I was a kid I was already planning my goals for the future, many of which I am still working towards or have already accomplished. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I knew that being my own boss was a must for me, as I could never see myself working a typical 9-5 desk job. When I was a teenager back in 2008, I moved from Jamaica to the United States. This move was huge for me, as it provided me with an abundance of opportunities that I simply could not get in Jamaica. I have always been interested in anything business related- management, investing, ownership, and so on. I would say that’s a quick summary of my life up until now.

2. I understand your primary business is social media based? How did you first get involved in the social media industry?

Yes, that’s correct. I first became involved in social media as a teenager in 2009 when I created my Facebook account. I immediately wanted to get involved with the management side of things, and quickly found myself operating multiple online social groups on Facebook. Currently, I manage seven highly-followed social media pages with a combined following of over 7 million accounts. My most significant social media star to date in terms of growth has been Mikayla Saravia, also known as KKVSH. Through my management, I was able to grow her following from 1,000 followers to 5 million. A few simple strategies that I emphasize the importance of with my clients and advise every social media user looking to grow their following is to interact with your fans on social media. This will create personal relationships and drive your engagement while doing so. It’s through strategic efforts like this that I’ve attained significant growth for all of my clients. A little bit goes a long way when you remain consistent and strategically plan.

3. Tell us about some of your other ventures. I understand you’re heavily involved in the music industry?

I have been involved with music since I was a child in Jamaica, and owning my own record label has always been one of my main goals. I’m proud to say I made this happen, as I have the pleasure of owning my own record label where I manage some very talented artists. I’ve helped a number of artists gain notoriety in the music scene, but my most recent project is an artist by the name of Beach Boii. Beach Boii is a very talented individual, and we are working hard to get him the exposure he needs to take his career to the next level. Social media also plays a big factor in exposure for my artists, so I apply the same growth strategies to their social media platforms as well. The more eyes on them and people listening to their music, the better.

4. What tips would you share with aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses? What has worked well for you?

First of all, I would stress the importance of building a strong team. Finding the right people who fit your team’s mission and values is crucial in order for you to achieve success. This is one of the most important areas of business, and I truly believe you are only as good as who you surround yourself with. Having the right team can either make or break a company. It’s smart to always do a background check on any employee you hire, and do not give anyone more than one second chance. Another important area of starting a business is the mental aspect. If you don’t have a strong mindset, your business will crumble; it’s that simple. You can no longer view yourself as a worker, you have to start moving and acting like a business owner. Owning your own business isn’t a easy task by any means, and if you don’t have the right mindset it’s bound to fail. Make sure you have the right mindset and a plan in place before jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, as it’s not for the faint of heart. With all of that said, it’s important to enjoy the process and have fun along the way. Entrepreneurship is a journey that never really ends, so it’s important to live in the moment and enjoy every step of the way.

5. Nicholas, thank you for joining us today. Where can our readers keep up with you online?

Thank you for having me! Readers can follow me on my Instagram @NickYardy, or check out my YouTube Channel.