1. Meli, thank you for joining us for this brief interview. For the sake of our readers, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for having me. I am an entrepreneur and glamour model originally from Tehran, Iran. Currently I am living in Dubai. I started my social media modeling career in 2016 as a cosplay model, and I have built my Instagram into a large platform of nearly 500,000 followers. I enjoy glamour, fashion, and I’m extremely passionate about helping others. I’m someone who is very creative, and I’m always looking to set new trends. Many people would describe me as an innovative individual, as I am constantly trying to take existing things and improve the ways in which they are done.

2. What inspired you to become involved in modeling, specifically in the social media industry? How did you find success when first getting started?

In 2016, I was already interested in becoming involved with modeling, as I was often told that I had the natural look to be a model. At the time, social media platforms such as Instagram were gaining popularity very quickly. I noticed many models on Instagram posting amazing content and profiting from it, so I figured I would also try. I began posting my modeling photos in the realm of cosplay, and quickly began gaining fans and a few brand deals as well. Getting started was the most difficult part of this journey, but the key to my success was not getting discouraged and staying consistent. You probably hear that a lot, but it’s the simple truth. It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of strategy and effort to create and post quality content each week. As I kept going, the rate in which I grew my followers rapidly increased. I also made an effort to communicate with my fans. When fans reach out to me, I do my best to respond to each and every one of them to show them how much I appreciate their support. I enjoy learning more about them just as much as they like learning about my interests. Being personable has definitely helped me find success.

3. How important is having the right mindset when starting a business or pursuing a goal?

Having the right mindset when starting a business or pursuing a goal is everything. You have to be willing to give maximum effort each day. If you don’t feel like you can do that, then it’s not the correct time to get started as an entrepreneur. There are many things in life and business that you can’t control- in fact, most things you can’t control; however, you can always control your effort and what you do with your time. We are all given the same 24 hours in a day. Make sure you are using your time efficiently. Building a strong mind takes time, and it takes discipline to build productive habits. The habits you develop ultimately form your mindset and the way in which you approach your objectives.

4. Do you have any big plans for the future that you can share with us?

As of this moment, I can’t share exactly what I am planning for 2021. I can share that I will continue growing my social media platforms with fresh content each week, and I will continue my work as a glamour model. I have many exciting ideas for my work as a model, and I cant’ wait to share them with my fans and supporters. I also plan to work with more brands that I love, and I want to collaborate with more photographers. I find that each photographer has a special way of bringing a different side of you to light. Obviously, 2020 has been limited in opportunities for many individuals due to the current situation the world is in, but we must make the best of it. I’m looking forward to the day we can travel again, as I have many plans in store for exciting projects in other parts of the world.

5. Meli, thank you for joining us today. Where can readers keep up with you online?

Thank you for having me! Readers can follow me on my Instagram, or visit my website.