Your life is full of chaos and you hardly have any time for yourself. You get late for work almost every day, skip breakfast, argue with your boss, prepare meals, and cut back on your sleep almost everyday.

To cope with what is happening, you resort to your comfort foods and binge watch TV. But at the end of the day, it all seems like a vicious cycle that has no end. In fact, some days you may feel like the gravity of all the issues in your life is so strong that it is draining all your energy and vigor.

Every woman in the world is a busy woman. Their life is a beautiful tapestry of wonderful memories and unwarranted events. Even though they switch between different roles in a day to do their best, they often forget to take care of the most important person in their life – they, themselves.

In day today’s life, a majority of women are just surviving. They eat, earn, produce, and do enough to survive. However, the life of a woman is meant to thrive, and not just survive. Even the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon once said, “As women thrive, so will we all.” Then what makes women restrict themselves to just the bare minimum of survival?

Women who are empowered and those who feel empowered are the ones that are best able to drive growth. This post is based on personal experiences and views and is meant to present some of the simplest ways that can help women thrive wherever they go, and not just survive.

To thrive is to stop believing that you can control everything..

It is natural for anyone who is successful and achieved to feel that they can control the things that they want to. Controlling or dominating things can make you successful; however, such success does not last long. More importantly, such success does not necessarily mean that it will make you thrive.

Controlling situations, feelings, how others act, and what they think is beyond anyone’s capacity. It is common for women to mess up things believing that they control how things will turn out to be.

But the golden rule is when you stop believing that you can control people, things, and situation, who fall into peace with reality. As soon as you fall into peace with reality, there comes a calmness and acceptance that actually boosts your spirit and makes you thrive no matter what.

To thrive is to stop pretending that you possess inhuman powers to do everything..

Women are well-known for multitasking. Even though you may multi-task, it is not alright to believe that you can manage or do all the things all the time. Accepting this fact is the second key to thrive in this world, especially when you are a woman.

Every individual has only 24 hours to complete the things that they want to. However, it is not practically possible to be as productive as possible on every day that passes by, Accepting this actually makes people thrive as they are more conscious about their inner selves, when they can do, and what not. Even women with full-time jobs and responsibilities need some time for themselves to keep pace with their own mind and bodies.

To thrive is to stop saying “No” to things you should..

People who end up saying yes to everything or every task that they are expecting to complete not only end up failing others but themselves too. This applies to everyone – women who work, those who stay at home, full-time mothers, and others.

Women are naturally expected to be empathetic, helpful, understanding, and compromising. However, that does not mean that they are supposed to say yes to everything, especially when it compromised with their personal space, schedule, or preferences. Saying no to things that they don’t like to agree with will not only make your easier but would also help you thrive in this world, and not just survive.

To thrive is to put yourself first and prioritize your health..

Every woman in this world should make efforts to ensure a safe and healthy life. Without. Any. Fail.

And that, my friend, is only possible when you decide to prioritize your health.

Women spend their lives looking after their parents, in-laws, husband, siblings, children, and others close to them. They barely make time for themselves. They sacrifice on their sleep, diet, medications and other important lifestyle habits such as exercising and yoga.

One of the most important things for women to do is to start getting a yearly preventive health check-up done as soon as they turn 30. It not only helps keep a check on all the vital parameters but also helps boosts their confidence and ability to thrive in this world.

It is important for women to understand that they need to look after themselves, too, to be able to look after all others. The world will be fine when they are fine. A feeling of being healthy is beyond words. It boosts happiness and the confidence that a woman needs to thrive in this world, and not just survive.

To thrive is to understand that people will always have an opinion..

A majority of the women around the world live a life that is complicated by their own thoughts. It is natural for them to think about what other people will think about them doing a particular job or taking a step.

But, ladies, it is important for you to know that people will always have an opinion. You go to any part of the country and people will have an opinion about you. But that’s okay because people have all the right to give or form an opinion. A light-skinned girl may be ridiculed for being too fair-skinned, while a dark-skinned girl may be ridiculed for being too dusky.

So, in order to thrive, you need to be in terms with reality and accept the fact that there is nothing called perfectionism. No one is perfect – neither you or others. And this is the reason why people will have an opinion about you and everyone else that they know or do not know. The important is to be comfortable in your own skin and to be confident about who you are and what is your purpose in life. This will actually help you thrive.

To thrive is to know that it is an ongoing journey and not..

Thriving is not a destination. It is an ongoing journey that continues to take place. But the important fact is that once you start off this journey, it only gets better and there is no looking back.

So ladies, if you’re looking for reaching a point in life where you can finally say that you are thriving, look ahead of you. The journey is about to get even better.