“Entrepreneurial Success Strategies” – Are you a small business owner finding that the “fast track to success” is a long and winding road? Do you struggle to service, manage and grow your business, with too few hours in a day? Would you like to have strategies at your fingertips that can speed up your progress to increase your profitability by double digits? Are you worried that time is running out, especially if you are living life after 40? On the latest episode of the popular morning talk show LA40, TV host Katerina Cozias sat down with business growth strategist Christine Perakis to discuss the entrepreneurial road map that will take your business from 0 to 7 figures in record time.

Tip #1:  Define your target market

Tip #2: Create marketing material with your target in mind

Tip #3: Make an offer your target can’t refuse

Tip #4: Regardless of your business, we’re all in sales

Tip #5: Double your referrals

Tip #6: Profits are more important than revenue

Tip #7: Use goal setting effectively

Tip #8: Effective systems and processes improve your bottom line

Tip #9: Time management leads to more profits

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