Do you feel like the world has lost its collective mind?

A simple trip to the grocery store can turn into a shouting and wrestling match, and those of us who have kept about our normal routines can’t get basic necessities.

Entire stores are cleaned out of TP, spaghetti, oatmeal, juice, meat, etc. As a good friend of mine said yesterday: I guess I’m on the no protein, no carb, no food diet!!! It’s ridiculous.

Why is this happening?

One answer: FEAR!!!!

People are afraid. And that fear is being stoked by the media, unfortunately.

It’s a brave new world we live in–so what can you do to make sure that you don’t fall prey to the spirit of fear? Here are a few important tips:

  1. REMEMBER YOUR IDENTITY – if you consider yourself to be a kind and compassionate person with a level head, continue being that person. Don’t allow external craziness to change who you are.
  2. REBUKE FEAR, DON’T MARRY IT!!! When we focus on something, it has a way of growing larger in our lives. If we allow fear to marinate and we give it attention-stroke it and massage it, we are actually making it grow in power over us. If we tell fear to get lost, we reclaim that power for ourselves!
  3. PEACE, BE STILL-Last week, I wrote about how to maintain peace in the storm Boy is that appropriate for today! You can read that here. When you can’t control what’s going on around you, you CAN control how you respond to it.

I heard a story today that made me tear up: A young woman was headed into the grocery store, and an elderly couple called her over to their car. They were too frightened to go inside. They asked if she would shop for them. The older woman cracked open her car window and passed the younger woman a shopping list and a hundred dollar bill. The younger woman did the shopping and returned both the groceries and the change to the couple. The older couple, sadly but understandably, were operating out of fear. The younger woman, thankfully, remembered her identity, and operated from a position of strength, not fear. And because she was operating from her authentic identity, she was able to bless this older couple.

So remember who you are, and operate from a place of that identity. Don’t focus on fear and panic so much that it overtakes you. This too shall pass. And just be still. Be peace and love to those around you. You and the world will be a better place because of it. You can click here to watch a video where I go into a bit more detail.

Be blessed!




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