I am a retired Academic Pediatric Surgeon, and as I trained in more inclusive medical practices, my opposites (Yin-Yang) learned to fall in rhythm with the dance of healing. Initially, everything was peaches and cream (vegan of course) until after I started studying the new integrative visions of health in my practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

My Right Brain Asks for Equal Time (the Battle Begins)

As I describe in my trilogy of books, each one of us is a beautiful holographic sample of the multidimensional coherent and inclusive language of Love. In our journey, we go through descending and progressively denser energy levels that tend to repress our right brain awareness and to promote the left-brain consciousness that will characterize our lives. This tri-dimensional experience in a world of time-space will create our living experiences as having a beginning and end, where we age and get sick, and finally, when our fuel runs out, we die.

This is the cycle of rebirth so emphasized by oriental religions that is the basis of suffering for those that only pay attention to their left brains. As my right brain started to stake its claim in my decision-making processes, the spoiled Pediatric Surgeon, used to get his ways unopposed, began to use his limited data source retrieval five senses system by asking the right brain to prove its claims by logic, reason and scientific based evidence. The right brain, with four more senses in its toolbox and with the new scientific finding of quantum physics, answered: “your criteria for proofs is biased and limited by only using the 5% of the universal data of the matter universe, leaving out the 95% of the antimatter universe that gives origin to the reality you think we are made of.” The battle continues to this day, but the right brain finds ways and allies to predominate.

The Allies that Help the Right Brain

Our living experience has shown us that all knowledge comes from the antimatter universe and is slowly accepted into mainstream scientific believes. Because of the continued changes of these “laws,” the majority will be obsolete at some time in the future. Just think of how our treatment schemes have changed in the past and now seem primitive medical therapies. That is why I question my left brain and my colleagues: Could we be repeating the same mistakes of the past with our insistence to use newer therapeutic modalities without considering alternative, less toxic methods?

Traditional integrative therapies like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic medicine, nutritional manipulation, and many other mind-body medicines are being promoted both by the scientific studies that the left brain has always asked for and the vast clinical experience of thousands of years of practice. Many, like traditional Chinese style acupuncture, have become mainstream in handling some of the symptoms of modern diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, depression, ADHD, exogenous obesity, colitis, and spastic colon. The significant patient experience obtained by using these alternatives as primary, complementary or supportive roles allows its practitioners to perfect its role in modern medicine.

The Role of Meditation in Healing Versus Curing Our Disease Experience

Our right brain is the inner door to our soul’s purpose, and it allows us to fulfill our life’s mission in this life experience. Integrating our soul’s purpose (right brain) with our life’s mission (left brain) into the harmony of our life plan facilitates the fulfillment of our life’s mission. Other great masters have taught us about this integration: Buddha, Lao-tze, and Christ. Meditation is just a facilitator of our internal communication with our soul-spirit-mind and the relaying of this information to the left brain and our tridimensional universe. Meditation technique opens windows to our inner soul that activate the rest of the nine senses, broadening our spiritual view to inclusive coherent multidimensional universes.

The left brain regards healing as a correction of symptoms in the organism since disease is equated with its symptoms. The right brain regards healing as a correction of the cause or origin of the disharmony in the original equilibrium of the organism, which causes the symptoms that are only warning signs or alarms. Modern medicine, oriented by left brain guidelines, directs its efforts to suppress the symptoms that are warning signs of the disequilibrium. In the long run, suppressing symptoms will facilitate the progression of the original disease process. The right brain focuses on eliminating the cause of disease to allow the organism to find its equilibrium and wellness.

The Best of Both Worlds: Blending the Ying and Yang of Traditional and Modern Medicines

We must adjust the therapy to the condition and severity of the disease process to meet the needs of the patient. We must use the most appropriate therapy at the right time or combine them for the best overall results. For example, in the case of a severe infection, we can’t wait until the alternative treatments improve the immunity. We must use aggressive antibiotic therapies to protect the life of the patient. If we have an advanced stage cancer that compromised vital organs, we may have to surgically remove the excess tumor or use palliative chemotherapy until alternative therapies improve the immunological and nutritional health of the patient.

In the search for healing there is ample space for the Ying and the Yang, and the left and right brains.