How to Boost Your B2C Sales using Influencer Marketing

What would be the No. 1 goal of a business owner? Of course, to increase sales. 

Influencer marketing for B2C sales has emerged as one of the most effective weapons in recent times. 

Whether you are chalking out a social media strategy for your small business or a big brand, you should never ignore the power of influencer marketing. 

And why does influencer marketing matter so much, you ask? 

Because, a survey conducted by Mediakix shows that the quality of customers and the traffic generated by influencer marketing is better than other marketing channels and even paid media. 

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Now, are you worried about how to integrate influencer marketing for B2C sales? 

Here I am going to share 6 influencer marketing strategies experts swear by to generate great results for brands. 

Lets dig deeper and understand better. 

6 Pro Tips to Boost B2C Sales with Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is no walk in the park, that’s a given. But neither is it impossible. It all begins with finding the right influencer. For example, if your brand is about platforms for online courses, it makes sense to collaborate with influencers who talk about education and online courses. 

To leverage influencer marketing for B2C sales you should consider the following pro tips we have shortlisted for you. 

Let’s get right to it. 

1. Co-create Stunning Visual Content 

Visual content makes a greater impact on customers than what is written. How about creating quality visual content with your influencers? 

Co-creating stunning visual content is one of the most impressive and easiest ways to use influencer marketing for B2C sales. One of the biggest influencer marketing mistakes would be not given a creative brief to the influencer for the campaign. With that being taken care of, you can come up with out of the box ideas to incorporate a brand name or products in their visual content.

Take a close look at this simple post by Stylendipity. The influencer has seamlessly included a Chanel product in the image to subtly advertise the brand.

Image Source – Instagram 

One of the most popular ways for influencers to co-create content is via videos. Appliances or ingredients can be showcased in recipes, whereas equipment in DIY videos and much more. 

In doing so, customers are nudged to try the products themselves and that’s how influencer marketing can boost B2C sales. 

2. Plan Affiliate Programs 

Influencer marketing affiliate programs is a well-accepted concept where the brand and the influencer get into a mutually beneficial agreement. 

It’s simple, the influencer will be paid a certain percentage of every sale they generate for the company. Social media metrics can help you keep an eye on the sales generated. For example, if you are running an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, you can use analytics for Instagram to track customer reach. Based on the numbers, you can compunsale the influencer. 

This influencer marketing tactic for B2C sales works really well because the influencers and key opinion leaders will go the extra mile to generate leads for you. The trick is, collaborate with influencers who genuinely believe in your product. 

Keep in mind that the customers can easily detect a salesy campaign and thus you need to be as authentic as possible. 

3. Run Contests and Giveaways 

Contests and giveaways, they sure get your audience excited! 

These are simple yet very effective tactics to use influencer marketing for B2C sales. 

Influencers use their social media profiles to announce content or giveaways along with rules and regulations to their followers. 

For the audience to enter the content or to be eligible for the giveaways, the influencers can ask them to like and share a post or share their own photo, tag a friend, and so on. 

Influencer Chelse Kauai does it like a pro. See how American sports brand Eddie Bauer and Chelse collaborated to run photo content in a creative manner.

Image Source – Instagram

While your audience feels rewarded, this influencer marketing strategy can build brand awareness, and boost B2C sales. 

4. Consider Product Collaboration

Product collaboration in influencer marketing for B2C sales can be a highly effective strategy when executed well. It will work the best if you are collaborating with bigger influencers or celebrities.

Here a brand can collaborate with an influencer to promote a product or a campaign. In return, the brand will include the influencer’s name on the product or the campaign. 

In such strategies, trust between the brand and influencer is very crucial. The influencer should trust your brand or product to the extent that they allow you to use their name on the product. 

Customers would be lured to buy your product when their favourite influencer’s name is on the product. 

5. Ask Influencers for Reviews

Customers trust social media influencers the most while making a buying decision. The recommendations of an influencer weigh more compared to advertisements or branded content. 

When you decide to utilize influencer marketing for B2C sales, you can ask the influencers to try out your free product samples or services and share a review on their social media pages. This reduces the budget for influencer marketing as you only spend for the free samples.

You should allow the influencers to share their experience and honest opinion about the product. Reviews sound more genuine when the influencer does it in his or her own style. 

You see, the more authentic the reviews the better the customer trust and better sales too. 

However, it’s important to confirm the authenticity of the information about your product too. For that, you can ask influencers to share their review with you, and, in turn, you can provide them with your product details. This can ensure that all the information in the review is correct.

To accomplish this process quickly you can leverage an online form with all relevant fields for the influencer. This list of the best online form builders created by giosg can help you choose the best one for this purpose. You can then use it to develop your form without the need to code.

6. Social Media Takeover 

This influencer marketing strategy means exactly what it says! For a certain campaign, you transfer the controls of your social media channels to your influencers and allow them to post on your behalf. 

Influencers have the knack of expertly crafting content to meet the expectation of the audience. With social media takeover, you can pleasantly surprise your followers and potential followers with a fresh style of content. 

By using this influencer marketing strategy for B2C sales, your brand is getting exposed to the influencer’s loyal fans. It will nudge them to know more about the product and try it for themselves. 

What is the Best Strategy to Use Influencer Marketing for B2C Sales? 

Influencer marketing has grown far beyond a should out about a product. Social media, in general, plays a vital role in lead generation and building brand awareness. 

As I have shared with you some of the most tried and tested influencer marketing strategies to boost B2C sales, I believe you have derived some great ideas. 

Which one of these strategies would you like to try first for your next influencer marketing campaign? Make your choice and get started.


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