When it comes to exercising, you might feel little to no motivation to stick to your goals and remain consistent. If so, you’re not the only one.

There could be many reasons why you’re having trouble with your motivation. One of the biggest challenges of working out is simply starting the process or getting to the gym. If you’re new to working out especially, you might find it difficult to stick to a routine so you’re getting enough movement while focusing on your goals. 

The good news is that anyone can fuel their motivation so they feel better about the process it takes to accomplish their goals. Having the right tools and mindset ensures that you don’t face burnout and see your objectives to the end.

If you want to improve your motivation to exercise, here are 3 ways to help you get started. 

Start with Small Goals

You might have an end goal to lose 50 pounds, but have you thought about the steps it’ll take to get there? It’s great to know what you want and have a bigger goal to look forward to, but without making it attainable, you won’t be able to visualize it or put it into action.

With any goal you want to achieve, it’s important to start small. Instead of creating the overall goal of losing 50 pounds, break it down into smaller goals you can commit to week by week. This makes your goal less daunting and helps you keep your motivation on board because it seems easier to accomplish.

For example, you can create a goal to lose 3 pounds a week for the first month of your weight loss journey. Instead of thinking about the big overall goal, you’re easing yourself into it by breaking it down and making it more manageable. From there, you can build an action plan of how you’re going to lose 3 pounds. The key is to break everything down into smaller steps so the overarching goal isn’t as intimidating and you don’t lose your willpower.

Track Your Progress

There’s no better feeling than sticking to a plan you’ve made for yourself and starting to see progress. It fuels your motivation and encourages you to keep going even on the days when you aren’t as excited or driven.

Making progress towards your goals also makes you feel better about yourself and boosts your confidence. It helps you realize that you truly can achieve whatever you put your mind to as long as you’re dedicated and consistent. 

Make sure you monitor your progress as you work towards your objectives in whatever way works best for you. You can use a bullet journal, a calendar, take pictures, and more to see your results and keep up with your growth. If you’re more of a techie, there are several apps you can use to monitor your progress as well so your results are more effective.

Join a Friend

For many people, it’s easier to hold themselves accountable if they have someone on their side to check in on their progress. You might prefer having a friend or loved one to work out with so you can both achieve your fitness goals as well as motivate each other not to give up.

If you know someone you can exercise with or even tell about your goal, make the effort to do it together. Sometimes, having someone with you on your journey makes all the difference in your level of progress. You can cheer each other on and be each other’s motivation when one of you doesn’t have the energy to keep up.

You can motivate each other in a positive way to stick to your goals until you see them through to the end. Having a friend to hold you accountable can change the way you view your objectives so they’re easier to achieve. 

Over to You

If you want to boost your motivation when it comes to exercise, these tips are sure to help you get started. Taking the steps to prepare for your goal is a game-changer to achieving them without falling into a slump. It takes time, but with enough consistency and effort, you’ll be sure to improve your motivation.