A surprising number of people do not enjoy their present life. Whether they are trying to maintain a healthy life, land a good job, get some nice sleep or even bring up a loving family. What they don’t understand is that there are ways they can use to boost their happiness without costing them money. The following are tips to boost your happiness level any day:

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

This is the number one thing that causes unhappiness and distaste in the lives of many. It is the root of all greed that we often struggle with. We are not to blame because the mind is wired to attract the things we see around us.

We should take into account that we are all talented differently, and everyone is in his lane. The moment you take your eyes off your lane to admire someone’s lane is the moment you lose focus and stagnate. The only person you should compare yourself to is the human you were the previous day. This way you focus on improving your strengths, addressing your weaknesses, and more so you focus on your lane.

Develop an attitude of gratitude

This goes beyond saying, “thanks” and “welcome”. It is not hard developing an attitude of gratitude, but there are steps you need to take. I advise you get a journal where you record everything you’re thankful for in your life. Focus on the little things that happen to you and note them down. With the increased mobility, you can choose to write the things you appreciate while on the move. Be thankful for that sunlight that shines on your window. Be thankful that you’re able to see it, and above all be thankful even when things seem off-hook.

Refocus Your Experience

What do I mean by this? We experience different experiences in life. For example, we have motivations for a certain thing depending on the circumstances we are in. You may be working in a job where you earn less, and your goal might be to work with a company like Google, Microsoft, and the big giants. However, you happen to not like your job because your thoughts and hopes are in other places and the environment you are in limits you to the things you see. We seem to not live in the present and this affects our morale, our psyche, and inhibits our productivity.

Refocussing allows you to go back to a period in the past where you had no job and imagine how that experience used to be like. It gives you a reality check on your life; the blessings you have received, the things you have accomplished and the feelings of not being where you are. Chances are even after getting to work for the big giants you still will be unhappy if you don’t remember the previous years.

Learn to Grow

Growth is about moving closer to your goals each day. It is being better one minute from now, one day from today, one year from here. If you don’t like your life, then you must change how you think, and how you act. Every act has a consequence and you should only focus on things that bring the best results. Your goals will need you to work a little harder, smarter or both. You may need to go back to school or enroll in an online course. Whatever the case may be, find means and ways to enhance your growth and move closer to hitting those goals. Growth yields a sense of fulfillment which leads to a happy life.

Become a Giver

Giving has been one of the greatest virtue that joyful people have. It is always said that to give is more blessed than to receive. If you truly want to be happy, be open to strangers. Talk to people while you travel even if you do not know them. Buy food to strangers and those in need. What is the meaning of life if all you do is amass wealth, get old, then die? Wake up each day knowing that you might meet someone new that needs what you have, even if it is a smile. Don’t forget to give freely. Give without expectation and especially to people you may not meet again. It is the thrill of a happy life.


There are different ways that people celebrate. Majority of people celebrate eventful times in their lives like weddings, graduations and such. Take a walk to the beach or hike a mountain, sit under a tree and talk to the leaves. It is about getting rid of your norm and choosing to be different. Some call it retirement but you can do it daily, weekly or any minute. No matter how you choose to do it, make sure you reward yourself.

Final thoughts

To be a happy person, you need to master the above methods. As time goes on you will notice that they come naturally and you do not have to remember what to do to get happy. Today, aim to be better, and happy whether you are starting your day, you’ve started your day, or you are retiring home after work. Keep on being happy, and influence the community around you.