I approached a bunch of fashion bloggers and asked them asked them for tips that can help us improve our appearence.

All the answers are based on their personal experience and opinion.

Simplicity Is The Key

Here’s the response from the founder of HelpAndWellness.com.

“Something I was told about improving your physical appearance really rings true and is great advice: keep it simple.

Today’s fashion can be loud and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. A ‘simple’ look is really fashionable and can give you a nice feeling, especially in a professional setting.

Keeping your appearance simple can relate to:

  • Your haircut.
  • The type of facial hair you have.
  • The colors you wear.
  • The number of items you have on.
  • The number of logos on your items.
  • The amount of money you spend on an item.
  • The amount of jewelry you wear .
  • And more!

I ask myself these questions a lot when choosing an outfit for a social gathering or for an important meeting. An appealing appearance doesn’t always mean you have to be lavish, fancy, or extra. Sometimes a simple look is an improvement to your physical appearance.”

Get Rid Of Unnecessay Things

Here is Joe Flanagans opinion from 90sfashion.com:

“Purge your closet of everything that isn’t needed and in perfect condition. This makes it easier to throw things together when you are in a rush. If you only wear the best you will feel the best and the world is gifted with you.”

Imagine I’m Going Into Battle

Eliza from The Warrior Method Said;

“My one tip would be to ‘imagine I’m going into battle’, especially on the days where I didn’t feel very confident. As a result, I’d stand straighter, draw my shoulders back (I’ve got rather wide shoulders and have been self-conscious about this ever since a friend’s boyfriend told me I had ‘rugby playing shoulders’), lift my chin and approach whatever I was facing, head on. This made me appear more confident, stop slouching and look stronger.”

Choose The Right Out Fits

Here’s what Dr. Lina Velikova from  Supplements101 said;

“For me, one tip that has always worked for improving my physical appearance is the way I choose my daily outfits. 

First, you need to identify your body type and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Learn to be ok and at peace with the fact that not all fashion trends are for you.

You should do a little research about the most suitable styles for your body type, complexion and height. Ask your friends, check some online blogs, or even go on Instagram to see what’s trending. 

Once you have a general idea about the outfit, make sure you are comfortable wearing it all day before leaving the house. Secondly, next to your clothing, the next most important are accessories and ornaments. You should always choose wisely and match it with your dress or a particular outfit.

Again this part also requires researching and the internet is full of information, good and bad, regarding what goes best with what. Invest your time, test it at home, and do a bit of homework to put together a perfect outfit that will improve your physical appearance.

It’s important to find out YOUR dressing style, carry it with confidence and you will feel more physically attractive and assertive than ever before.

Improve Your Diet

Here’s what Alex thinks

My one tip for improving my physical appearance is to improve your diet by eating a greater percentage of my daily calories from high-quality carbs such as oats, fruit and rice.
This combined with regular training ensures glycogen stores are filled in the muscles, increasing muscle “fullness” and appearance.
It can very quickly add significant progress to your “gains”!

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Here’s the opinion of James Hickey From Trust Fitness

The one thing I did recently that I didn’t think would have such a big effect on my appearance is that I quit drinking all forms of alcohol.

I wasn’t a nightly drinker to begin with but I did like to drink a few times a week especially since the quarantine began, but when I quit 2 months ago I did see a change in my skin specifically in my face and I didn’t seem as swollen from the inflammation that happens when you consume alcohol.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Albert from Home Living Lab has this advice for you

One easy tip that can make a ton of difference to your physical appearance is to practice good oral hygiene. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear and is the first thing someone notices when meeting someone new.

You do not need to spend thousands on orthodontics to get the perfect smile. All you need is clean teeth and healthy gums to get that natural beautiful smile. Therefore, brush diligently twice a day and floss at least once a day. Take care of your pearlie whites and don’t be selfish on that smile!

Wear clothes that really fit you

Here’s a tip from Rhiannon Moore;

“Wear clothes that really fit you, not clothes you want to fit in eventually.

Try to stay up to date with the current fashion and trends. Wearing outfits of the nineties will make you weird everywhere.

I used to buy clothes in the size I wore as a 17-year-old, completely ignoring the fact that the years have gone by since then and, although I’m not much bigger, the extra size or two was hard to accept as I entered my 20s.

But one day I accepted it and started wearing clothes that really fit me properly, and I saw such a positive change in my perception of myself, and I had so many more compliments. Clothes began to flatter me instead. I’ll always recommend accepting your body and buying clothes to match it!”