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Question: Allana, when you are with one person but know you love another, how do you end things? How do you look at someone who care so much about you and tell them that you don’t feel the same way, that your heart belongs somewhere else?

Answer: Oh my goodness… The CARE you have to tell someone who you care about so much that you love somebody else… is so beautiful. Many people would just squish that feeling down, appear cold, potentially hurt the other and just move on so as not to feel the pain. You are willing to sit in the fire and feel your discomfort, and do the right thing according to your soul’s highest expression. I honor you.

I was having a similar conversation with one of my clients today about severing ties… He was so concerned about hurting the other person‘s feelings… reminded of how much it hurts when he’s been rejected in the past. There’s a whole process of equilibrating emotions I took him through in 8 areas of life so he could see things from another point of view. The results was it provided greater freedom, expanded confidence and more ease of communication with his ex.

Additionally in my latest book 7 Steps To Manifest Your Beloved While Staying True To Yourself, I believe it’s chapter 4 where I go into Navigating Intense Emotions. I explain what it really takes to stay present in your body with your heart open connected to another allowing them to have their own experience, not trying to save them or fix them or hold back your own discomfort in seeing them in pain…

Just everybody sitting in the fire and breathing. To me this is conscious relationship. Conscious… Allowing of everything and resisting nothing…even the wobbly stuff.

This is exactly what the situation is inviting you to do wonderful man. It’s a difficult yet completely noble path to complete a relationship in a conscious, honoring, kind, authentic and caring manner. It would be such a privilege and honor to guide you in these deeper communicative practices so that you could un-couple consciously with no regrets, moving onto your new relationship having grown even more courageous and vulnerable.

If you’re new to my work, you can learn more on my men’s site and download my complementary training there for men called How to be a Noble Badass. If you’re ready to be supported privately with coaching and would like to see if you’re a fit for me to invite you to work with me, I would be delighted if you would register for a discounted strategy session with me at

The capacity to navigate intense emotions and stay heart connected having equilibrated your emotions so as to come from your most conscious choices and highest vision, is a skill you will use the rest of your life being an inspiration and leaders to others.

I look forward to connecting great man.

All my blessings, Allana

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