Recently I made a conscious choice to upgrade my thinking again. When I upgrade, I look at my thoughts, see how often I repeat the same thought during the course of the week and then make a conscious choice to stop it. Most of us don’t realize we repeat the same thoughts over and over again like a hamster wheel, hoping to find a new solution to an existing problem. As Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” It’s that way with our thinking, too. We repeat our thoughts over and over hoping and wishing to find a new solution, have a new outcome, or miraculously awaken to a new lifestyle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Culturally, we haven’t had too many new thoughts in a while. While new inventions and concepts have brought us new vocabulary, for the most part, we’ve been regurgitating dead people’s conversations for the past hundreds of years! Our language and mental belief systems reside in an antiquated world of limited possibility.
Yet thoughts and language are the creative tools for the Universe. We think and speak into existence the “new.” We take existing thoughts and look to form something unique from them. Generating new thoughts happens when there is self awareness of what you’re thinking, rather than to habitually repeat overly used jargon and outdated beliefs.
From a historical thinkng perspective we can review that our beliefs about the world and human possibility have not evolved much in the past hundred years. We haven’t reached the mental and cultural tipping point yet. 
By consciously choosing to express new thinking and risk departing from the socially accepted and pervasive thoughts, we begin to generate new conversations directing our awareness to new perspectives resulting in new and different circumstances. This requires cognizance.

When beginning the process of actively and consciously thinking before we speak, and speaking only that which we want or desire into existence, the information is directed through intention and relayed to the “field” where it takes approximately three days for the neurons to connect with neurons and in the field bringing the new into existence. When our focus is steady as a light stream or laser, the energetic force from our bodies transmits itself to the field and within days if we maintain the focus and avoid distractions in the form of disbelief and discouragement, the barriers are broken. It’s up to us now to maintain the focus till the physical world can bring it into our existence as thought travels immediately and objects are dense and slower to appear in our personal field.
So next time you want to break the barriers of existing circumstances, rather than look outward towards the circumstances, look inward to your daily habitual thoughts and conversations with others. The key to unlocking wonders is found there and no where else!


  • Elly Molina

    Intuitive Advisor, Author & Educator

    Elly Molina, Amazon Best Selling author, international Advisor to Public Figures, Celebrities, Business Professionals & trusted mentor is the creator of MindPower Consulting and Psi-Kids. She is a leading expert in developing psychic and intuitive abilities in children and co-founded a magic school in Washington State, She is the author of Children Who Know How to Know; Annabelle and the Domino and contributing author to the amazon best seller, Dancing in the Unknown.  You can learn more about her and her work at: