There’s nothing more depressing for kids than finding themselves trapped inside by rainy weather, yet watching TV or playing video games aren’t ways for children to stimulate their minds or form good lifelong habits. So, what are parents to do when their kids find themselves stuck inside when the rain starts to fall? Have an indoor learning fest, of course! In this post, we’ll share some fun educational activities that can bring a ray of sunshine into even the grayest of days.

Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Whether you have one or 10 children, setting up an indoor scavenger hunt will keep your kids entertained (and out of your hair). Simply hide a few “treasures” around the house and make a list of them for each child, or have two or more kids work in teams to find them (pictures work great for little ones who haven’t learned to read yet). Give them a basket to hold their loot, and make the last item on the list extra special by decorating it or hiding it in a super-secret location. Be sure to check out Plexus’ “pro tips” for even more ideas.

Build a Chair and Blanket Fort

One of the oldest (and most fun) rainy day activities of all is building a fort using chairs and blankets. This evokes a sense of adventure and wonderment, no matter what the weather is doing. Use it as a setting for making crafts, drawing pictures, or going on a creativity-boosting story quest that begins with an opening sentence and follows wherever the imagination leads.

Try a Chemistry Experiment

Nothing teaches scientific principles better than a strong visual example. That’s the secret behind this cool experiment that rewards the experimenter with a bright burst of color. It works by mixing dish soap and whole milk, causing an eye-catching chemical reaction that’s harmless yet highly educational. It’s a perfect way to get your kids excited about learning.

Put YouTube to Work

Few online resources offer richer educational opportunities than YouTube (under parental supervision, of course). Explore the site with your children and see what it offers for both kids and adults. Here are a few of the endless possibilities:

  • Drawing lessons, from basic to advanced.

  • Exercise videos that can help people of all ages to get in shape.

  • History tutorials that make the past come alive.

  • Classic films that will introduce your children to literature and the performing arts.

Learn About Music

Learning about music offers enormous benefits, according to the National Association for Music Education. But getting the most benefit from a musical education means choosing the right instrument. The clarinet stands out as a great choice due to its versatility and affordability. Before buying this instrument, make sure to consult a clarinet buying guide. Here are some clarinet buying tips to help you in your selection:

  • Clarinets are made from either wood or synthetic materials like plastic and resin. Wood instruments provide a richer, warmer sound. However, they cost more than synthetic models and are easier to damage. Most beginners start with a plastic or resin instrument and graduate to wood as their skills improve.

  • If possible, inspect the clarinet prior to purchase to ensure the pieces fit together easily.

  • Stick with name-brand instruments unless you’re adept at judging clarinet quality. The difference in price for a premium versus off-brand instrument will more than pay for itself in terms of satisfaction.

  • Remember to add accessories like extra reeds, a music stand, and cork grease.

  • The reed that comes with a clarinet is often of middle quality. Purchase higher-grade reeds to enjoy better sound.

There is no escaping the occasional rainfall during the warmer months of the year, so use the tips in this post to plan fun-filled rainy day activities for your kids. You’ll soon turn soggy days into a hotbed of learning for your whole family.