In 2020 and 2021 we have all noticed that having a regular 9-5 job just won’t make for a successful career. Having a 9-5 job is an outdated tradition that 90% of the world blindly follows, get a High school diploma, get a College degree, get a job and retire at the age of 65. 

Sounds simple and it seems like something that most people would do in their life. 

This 17 year-old has decided that that’s not a path he wants to follow in his life! Marko Filipovic has decided to do some research and he saw that there are many other people out there that had the same idea! Shortly after that Marko has done some studying and he decided that it’s time to change his life. Marko has gotten a job at McDonald’s in order to earn money to invest in himself and his knowledge. Less then a year later this astounding entrepreneur has started his own online agency that has taken him from 9-5 to 7 figures! Now Marko is here to tell you his story and tell you about his experience in building his online empire!

These are 5 tips that he has used to get where he is at today:

1) Getting a Mentor

“When first starting out, one thing that helped me more than anything was having a mentor. However it’s not just about having any mentor, you want to have a mentor that will show you every step of the way and that will help you succeed. I have started on my own and have seen very little results, but after working for a while with a great coach of mine I have scaled to the new height’s. You can choose one of two things: you can struggle on your own, loose money and waste time while trying to figure out the best way to do something OR you can work with someone who has already seen many successes and with someone who is where you want to be. This choice is up to you, but I think that both of us know which one will bring you better results.”, Marko said.

2) Investing in to yourself 

“One thing I have learned from the start is that if you don’t invest in to your business and into yourself you will never be able to scale and grow. You can only do so much organically and on your own, but at one point you will have to make a financial decision, and that decision can determine the way your career will go. ” Here is a little advice from Marko on how to choose if its a wise investment: “Throughout my career I have invested tens of thousands of dollars and some investments failed and some have paid of 10X, so one thing I learned is the strategy behind deciding what’s a good investment. I have found 2 ways of thinking, Number One: Look at the cost of your potential investment, then ask yourself, if someone paid you that amount of money not to get that, would you do it? Here is an example: If new shoes cost $187, and someone would give you $187 NOT to get them, what would you do? If you think like this you will always find how important is that investment to you; Now the Number Two: Take out a piece of paper and split it in half, on one side write down all positives that you will get by getting that, and on the other write down all negatives. Once you have done that just see which list is longer!”.

3) Build Connections

“This is a very simple thing to explain. Since I started I have connected with so many people who are 5X more successful than me. I connected with them and I offered them help, while I was talking/working with them I grew mentally, I have learned so much and I have gained invaluable experience. To this day one of the most valuable things I have are the connections I have build!”

4) Aim to be different then to be better

“From the moment I started I always thrived to be better than anyone else. My first business model was selling “Celebrity growth campaigns” in order to grow an instagram following for my clients FAST. While doing that for a while I realized that I was always trying to be better then my competitors, I always tried to have a better price, better pitch, but I never moved forward. One thing I realized is that if I’m trying to be better than someone I am more focused on them than on my own success. What I realized also was that when someone talked to me and I was same like them I was always being compared to them, so what I found out was that if I made myself different and unique that they can’t compare me to anyone else and that I was the best because I was the only one doing what I do, the way I do it. So don’t focus on being better then him/her, but focus on being the only one doing something! ”

5) Don’t be your own employee

“One mistake I saw a lot of entrepreneurs make is when they start their business scaling process they become their own employee instead of their own boss. Now what do I mean by this? A lot of people start doing random tasks in their agency, they start doing tasks with no ROI, they work inside of their business. A true boss gets other people to do those little tasks and low ROI tasks, while the CEO works on the business and on executing high ROI tasks”

So these were 5 tips that Marko shared with you. This is his ending sentence:”I get that scaling to 6/7 figures is hard, but its much harder doing that once you make big mistakes and big setbacks from the get-go”