Sustainable production and the human being in the focus of the work

Pierre Biege is the CEO of ETREFORT and they create sustainable clothes that are produced in Portugal. Their main focus is to produce resistant clothes for their customers that they can use for a long period of time. “We should overcome this old thinking within the fashion industry to sell as much for the lowest price point. This leads to environmental issues all around the world.” The material that they use is one aspect; another important topic is the place where they produce. They want a real connection to their workers and want to be near the production place – so therefore they chose Portugal as the main place. “As a CEO I want to know the people who are producing our clothes; that’s very important for me”, in the opinion of Pierre.

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Ask yourself: Which ecological or social project are you supporting?

Norman Müller is CEO and Founder of Genius Alliance, a digital business consulting company that focuses on digital leadership. According to Norman these days it is more important than ever to support sustainable projects as entrepreneurs. “When we choose partners and clients we look at the ecological and social long-term changes that come with this company”, so Norman. Especially younger people are much more focused on the impact that they make in the world and don’t only look after a career. That’s the reason why Norman focuses on long-term projects and combines them into his own brand identity. 

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Be on a mission and serve with content

Brian Bogert is on a mission to impact a billion lives by 2045! He genuinely believes that if he can help individuals reduce the level of suffering in their world more people will get the opportunity to actually feel joy, freedom, and fulfillment holistically. According to Brian, it’s the only way that we truly can create a sustainable path to create this impact. The way to do it is through free content that truly elevates and empowers those around him. “We want to invite them to be a part of the conversation and provide them with free resources”, so Brian.

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Create something that is here long after you’re gone!

According to Haris Reis, the president of the Game Changers Academy, money is only a short-term fulfillment feeling. “Helping others realize their own potential, being valuable and having something here long after we’re gone is much more fulfilling”, so Haris. His approach is to help people give the shortcut of the learning curve by being in the right circle of influence. “You’re the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with”, and if you want to play the game at a higher level you really have to choose carefully who you surround yourself with. 

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Decrease the number of business trips

Within my own online business, I’m really careful about who I work with. If somebody requests to meet each other in the real world I will not work with this person. In my own experience, you can handle everything remotely these days! So, I decided, I don’t spend time and energy on business trips and rather focus on Zoom meetings with clients. This is better for the environment and also better for my family because I save time that I can spend with my family instead of being on the road.

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