Earlier this month, Arianna Huffington wrote an article to her email list stating that burnt-out people will continue burning out the planet. Now I don’t know how accurate she is on this statement but she is no doubt catching my attention with her statement that people are burnt out. 

Matter of fact, I am burnt out writing this as we speak thinking about the big goals that I am trying to accomplish and for what?

All to wake up and to say “I can do whatever I want today” but the trick is how do we get there? 


How do you get there? By first being, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually sound this is what I like to define as being Confidently Healthy®️

I never met someone who was financially successful in leading a good and well-rounded team that was pretentious and rude.

So you first have to ask yourself when building YOUR LIFE who do YOU want to be?

If you ever are in a rut how do you get yourself out of it? 

Let’s begin by building a sustainable healthy life for yourself 


Give yourself mental vacations or mental breaks throughout the day. This is what I like to call daydreaming to relax the mind so you can begin to use your imagination to create your reality by breaking it down into a series of small steps. 

Just like I did with this blog post, I broke it down into a rough draft then I wrote it out the next day: giving my mind space to think so I can produce epic content for you, my reader. 


Give yourself emotional days to break down and to feel emotions-we life in a world that tells us not to feel our emotions and to lie to ourselves but that produces people who hurt other people.

This is an accurate way of living. You must observe your emotions and allow them to arise but not be consumed by them; emotions are often traitors telling us lies to make us freak out thinking that we are going nowhere when in fact we are going somewhere when we are staying consistent with the journey. 


This is where oftentimes people get stuck in creating a sustainable healthy life for themselves. You must work out. You must move your body; you must stay active and fit.

Why is staying active and fit super important? Staying active and fit increases your ability to think and to stay in the game for whatever you want to accomplish. 

For example, say it is a business you’re building-you need to have your mind active and in the game working out is a great way to stay in shape and to keep your mind active toward the future. 

This always is a great way to keep something sustainable going for your future in regards to your health and fitness. 


Last and not least, connect with your spiritual side-it is impossible to believe that we live in a world where you are not protected or guided! 

Begin to ask the Universe for what you want and you will begin to receive. I think so many people are nervous in asking because they are afraid of things getting better for them but in reality, things are allowed to get better for them.

It is safe for things to get better for them, no one is going to die, no one is going to get hurt, everyone is going to be safe.

This is how you create a sustainable healthy life Confidently Healthy style. 

How to get over the Mundane in Life When You’re Out Building Your Goals.

How to stay motivated in a world that constantly puts you in comparison mode.

I get it, you want to live the 10 things I hate about your life on Instagram but in reality, this time you’re traveling the world, buying a house in Bali, teaching in Spain, doing XYZ. 

However, there is one thing and that is to get there to get to that goals-it is like everyone wants to be on that stage moment without paying their dues.

This post is meant to give you a reality check that yes life can be easy for you but after you pay your dues ( and master your thoughts and feelings).

Let’s work on making life easier for you by working on getting over the mundane in life. 

Starting with understanding by setting goals- when you set goals they are either long-term or short-term goals.

You must figure out which one is which and figure out what is the pace you want to set for yourself.

This is where your mindset comes in.

If it is a long-term goal like setting up a blog or a new business you need to have the mind frame that this is a lifestyle that you’re setting up and this is not an overnight thing.

If it is a short-term goal like losing 9 pounds in 9 weeks which is 1 pound per week then you need to have the mind frame-this is going to be for my diet and visualize the result of stepping on that scale 9 pounds less.

Social Media

With the power of social media in getting over mundane tasks, I want to challenge you to only use social media when you’re on there to create something for the platform instead of consuming.

When you’re trying to get over the mundane in the world social media makes you believe you’re behind in your life when in reality you’re not you are just trying to find what you love to do and that takes work in itself.

I challenge you to only be on the platform if you are using it for the process of creation and not use it for a source of therapy.


Why am I telling people to get off social media and only use it as a source of creation, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the platform? 

Well yes. However, in getting over the mundane in life you use social media to escape to sit there and use the platform to scroll up and down looking up celebrities that you don’t even know making up fake stories in your head to escape the reality of today.

When life is happening right here and right now.

Your amazing life is happening right here and right now-its not too hard to create a new blog, a new product, a new company. 

It’s not hard. Trust me-it’s just a lot of work and that is why I created Confidently Wealthy so you can easily start an online business, land paid sponsors, and keep and grow your money so you can stop chasing your tail. (INVEST IN YOURSELF!)

It is not hard to create your dream life-you just have to get up and try to create it and that is getting out of the comparison and frustration mode of that you don’t have it to that you’re going to create it because what she has you can have it.

I want you to look in the future at the age of 45 and ask yourself at the age of 45, what do you want to have?

Are you going to stop, expressing your own heart and go for what you want? Then get off social media and create your life-start with the digital pivot by starting your own online business with Confidently Wealthy.


This is where people get frustrated the most and that is repetition- it is like the gym. People don’t go to the gym. After all, they don’t want to do multiple rounds of multiple weights of the same thing because they are with their thoughts and with themselves.

Guess what-life is a series of repetitions until you learn the lesson and you do this by repetition.

Ask yourself what is this trying to teach me? What is the season that I am in? 

Why am I not having fun with this repetitive act? For example, I am a blogger and you tuber-this is my job. This is something that I will always be doing even when I hit a million subscribers; when I grew frustrated I had to ask myself these questions.

You have to ask yourself is it the actual job or the result of the job that you’re missing out on?

Getting over the mundane in life means understand there will be many many many repetitive tasks till you strike gold and then you will have to strike gold again and again.

You have to reframe everything you do if it is a YouTuber, blogger, entrepreneur, pageants, as something that you just do as something that you embody within your life. 


When I was a little girl I went to a friend’s house and we were not allowed to use the word bored although the friendship didn’t last; I’m going to keep the trait because I think it is such a great usage of my time on this earth.

Just because you’re not traveling the world like the Instagram people on this planet doesn’t mean you’re boring there is a plethora of things to do like hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, swimming, fishing around you in your area.

Getting over the mundane means understanding that there are wonderful things around you that you can participate in and enjoy that sometimes are even free.

Getting over the mundane in life means connecting with nature and asking yourself what do you enjoy?

When you realize that getting over the mundane means taking simple steps in focusing on within so you can create your reality then you can then begin to create what you want to create in this world.

Getting over the mundane means realizing there is beauty around and that starts with understanding by putting the phone down and taking a step into the outdoors.

If you’re looking to stay healthy while working the 9-5, then I invite you to enroll inside this FREE email challenge that I created for you so you start your journey in creating a more sustainable and Confidently Healthy®️ life.

Your friend,

Natasha Gisela

Confidently Healthy®️