Am I good enough as a leader, working parent?

Can we make our life better?

Childhood experiences shaped this leader into what she is today. In today’s episode of The Curryup Leadership Podcast to spotlight purpose-driven Asian leaders making an impact, I talk about the future of work, equity and empathy with Entrepreneur, Educator Surabhi Lal.

“I want the people around me to grow and that’s why I chose to be an educator”

Surabhi Lal

Surabhi talks about failing and learning every day as a leader, parent. We chat about how we handle ourselves as leaders irrespective of where you sit in the organization. She decodes the buzzword Empathy.

It is not a two hour workshop.

It is beyond ‘I hear you’.

We need to practice empathy with intention – “understanding your own feelings, starting to understanding how others are feeling”.

So, go ahead and learn how to be a winner at the workplace on Episode 24 of Curryup Leadership Podcast here.

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