Guest Post from Katie Fleagle.

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Friendship is an essential component of marriage and every relationship. Too often couples are married for years but have lost the friendship they possessed when they first said “I do”. Have you ever wanted to learn how to build friendship in your relationship? Many couples go through their everyday motions and live alongside each other but they do not take any extra steps to nurture their friendship. This section will present ways couples can strengthen and rekindle the friendship aspect of their married relationship. For those who are soon-to-be married or for newlyweds, these are great practices to set in motion to keep your relationship strong.

Dine together. Set aside time each day for the two of you with no distractions. A perfect time to do this is during your evening meal. Make it a priority to always eat dinner together when possible. Fill this time with talk about each other’s days. To take this even farther, try to prepare the meals together. Cooking is a great way to bond and explore new meal possibilities together. It’s a great time to be creative and have fun together.

Pray together. Have coffee together in the mornings if you have similar daily schedules. During this time, you can pray for each other and do devotions with one another. Not only do you start your day off with your focus on God, but you also start it off reminding yourself of your spouse and ways to be a blessing to him or her.

Go for a walk. Find a time of day that works well for the two of you to go for a walk. Use this time to engage in conversation. Talk about your day, your goals, and your dreams. Share your mind with your spouse and take time to listen to them.

Participate in each other’s hobbies. On a regular basis, schedule a time to participate in something your spouse enjoys. Do it without complaining or acting like it is a chore. You may not enjoy it at all, but doing it for your spouse is a great way to show them you care. This could be in the form of going to a live sporting event or attending a painting class.

Try new things. Make your relationship exciting. Go out to eat at a restaurant you’ve never been to and order something you wouldn’t normally order. Go visit a park or landmark that neither of you have been to. Join a club or program that the two of you are interested in but have never tried. There are plenty of opportunities try.

Keep in touch. If you and your spouse don’t work together during the day, make it a point to keep in contact. You don’t have to talk every few hours, but try to send a quick text showing you are thinking of them or call them during your lunch break and see how they are doing. These little gestures will show that you care and will help keep your friendship strong.

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