Having an anxious little doggy-o can get a little hard to manage at times. But it’s important to remember what your dog is going through since we’ve all been through that horrible feeling of anxiety, fear or even panic.

As a loving pet parent, it gets nerve wrecking to watch your little pupper go through so much stress and leaves you in a situation where you don’t really know what to do. Until you seek professional or medical help for your dog, here are a few ways you can soothe him and relieve him of the stress.

How do you know whether your puppy has anxiety?

It’s important to keep an eye and stay observant when it comes to your dog’s behavior. Some signs that might indicate a case of anxiety include- pacing back and forth, panting too much, shaking or trembling, lack of appetite, excessive salivation, dilated pupils or even skin lesions.

If you notice any of these symbols or erratic behavior, it is imperative that you don’t lash out on the poor little animal. Try and find the root of the condition and calm him down. Anxiety can arise from various past or present causes or events. If your pup is a rescued dog, make sure you find what conditions triggered this behavior in him.

Calm the fur baby down

In case you want to try and calm your dog without getting into the medical aid bit, or you’d want to try and soothe him yourself first, since you are the closest and most loved to him, these are a few tips and tricks that might help him calm down while having an anxiety attack:

• The first thumb rule to helping out your dog is to keep calm. Never shout at an anxious dog, this can make things a lot worse than they already are. Be gentle and soothing in your approach.

• Maintain physical contact with your pup. Always try to show your love, affection and protection by taking him close, petting him or cuddling with him. This will in turn bring in a sense of comfort and protection within your dog.

• Try playing light, instrumental music, or anything that your dog has shown appreciation towards before. Just like humans, music touches pooch souls too.

• The biggest stress reliever for dogs is exercise. The more energy they spend taking on some rigorous physical activity, the less stressed out they are. Make sure that your dog is getting all the exercise and fitness that he needs.

• Give him some space. If he wants to stay solitary in some corner of the house that fits his needs, don’t try to get him out of there and don’t try and disturb him. This might just be a really important coping mechanism for your fur buddy.

• If the situation is common, consult a veterinarian doctor for some pills or dietary supplements that’ll help your dog out.

These are a few pointers you can keep in mind even if your dog is going through separation anxiety or anxiety related to specific incidents like a possible thunderstorm.

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