A simple breathing technique to help you calm down.

When you’re pulled in a thousand directions at once, it can be easy to let stress get the better of you. Here’s my go-to trick to calm down and re-center.

It takes only 2–3 minutes and can be done at work, home, or while socializing. 
 1. Find a place to be alone for a couple of minutes. If you are in a shared office, a public place, or at a gathering, the bathroom works well.
 2. Decide if you’d like to sit or stand. If you are at home, laying down is a nice option, too.
 3. Use each thumb to press closed your ears. Don’t stick your thumbs *in* your ears, but on the little flap at the front. If you are doing it right, you’ll muffle out the sounds of the world around you and will hear “inside your head”.
 4. Rest your fingertips on your head or use them to gently cover your eyes. Either should feel natural if your thumbs are in the correct spot.
 5. Close your eyes and visualize the shoreline at the ocean. Waves are slowing rolling in and back out.

6. Sync your breath to the waves. Inhale as the waves roll in. Exhale as they recede. Breathe 10 rounds of slow, deep breaths like this. You can do more rounds if you have time. 
 7. When you are finished, release your thumbs. (Your ears may feel tingly.)

8. Remember that the calming power of your breath is waiting for you whenever you need it.

Originally published at www.yogiconomist.com.

Originally published at medium.com