There are many factors that influence how productive you are during the day. You can’t control many of them, especially other people’s behavior. But there’s one factor that you can control to boost productivity and that’s your environment.

Your environment can play a powerful role in the way you work and how you accomplish important tasks. If you’re self-employed, a remote worker, or starting a blog to make money online,  then being productive is essential. Your productivity impacts your livelihood and happiness.

When you’re productive, you’ll also harness your energy to write more and work on your creative projects. It’s important to be proactive and to shape your environment. Since your workspace is where you’ll carry out important tasks, you’ll develop a routine and a familiar setting that becomes a gateway for creativity.

Let’s dive into simple but effective ways to change your environment and become productive.

Remove Clutter

We all fall into the trap of buying things we don’t need. This can accumulate as clutter and make its way to your work desk, your shelves, and even the floor.

A cluttered environment can be distracting for many people. Creating a clean space to work in can make you feel more restful. Making a clutter-free environment doesn’t apply to your physical environment alone. You can also work to make your digital environment clutter-free.

Clear your desktop and screen by placing your files into properly labeled folders. Make sure that you delete unnecessary files and downloads to help your computer work better. If you have a website, manage your content and digital assets to improve its performance and speed.

Reducing clutter in your physical and digital space will help you become more organized, which in turn will make you productive.

Manage Light

Your environment’s lighting plays a heavy influence on your mood and behavior. You can try to let in more natural light by opening your windows and door. Use thin curtains, or add a sun lamp during winter.

It’s important to add sufficient light to your environment to promote your wellbeing. Make changes and add more light to create a comfortable environment.

Play Music

Many people feel more focused when they play specific music in the background. You can play classical music or any kind of instrumental music to create a soothing atmosphere.

There are also helpful apps and websites that give you access to ‘brain music’ that makes you focus. These are based on scientific findings and can transform your ability to concentrate. It’s important to leverage the science of music and the brain to make a more pleasant environment. 

Remove Distractions

A simple way to improve your environment is to eliminate distractions. This can mean keeping your phone and other devices switched off. You can even put them away in another room.

Wear headphones or earplugs to block out noise from outside. You can also use online tools to help create a better digital environment which is discussed next. Find ways to make your environment distraction-free to let your creativity flow unimpeded.

Use the Right Tools

As mentioned before, you can not only change your physical environment but also your digital one.

You can use calendars, project management tools, and helpful extensions to boost productivity. If you work from home, you can make a productive digital environment by using helpful remote working tools.

There are also browser extensions to prevent you from visiting social media sites and other time-wasting platforms.

It’s a good idea to join a membership site with other people to share your work and create accountability. These are some of the ways you can shape your online workspace to work more effectively. With the right tools, you’ll be more creative and get work done on time.

Be More Productive with Small Changes in Your Environment

Your work environment can impact your mood and how well you work. It can also support or impede your creative abilities.

It’s important to create a healthy and clean work environment that lets you do your best. When you make your physical and digital surroundings more supportive, you’ll find that you work better.

Make small changes to your environment to create an enormous difference in how productive you are.