As humans, a lot of the time, we cant help but to feel connected to our emotions, convincing ourselves that life or situations are just what they are – that there is no way out, no real solution or resolution.

Sometimes we feel that we have become a punching bag, repeatedly hit & let down by disappointments, criticisms, and failures. Not only that, but our perception of ourselves can become tainted as we are programmed – deeply affected by past experiences. This is especially the case when it comes to those facing disabilities, disorders, those who are neurodivergent, or even personality traits that haven’t exactly been socially accepted. All these factors can bring on constant negative thinking every time a bad situation arises.

What It Feels Like

When trying to juggle all angles of life – in the mist of the turmoil, you carry a chip on your shoulder, feeling like you can’t physically or mentally take on anymore. You feel the immediate pressure sitting on your chest when you get that unfavorable comment, feedback, call, email, or text, from the workplace, school, and in your home.

A Change Of Thoughts : Continuing On With Self Awareness by Your Side

Sometimes we can’t see ourselves through our own lens. I can’t stress the importance of self awareness, self development, and self love enough because these are the things, along with some others, that’s keeping me going at this very stage in my life. And I say this to you (stressing it – self awareness) over and over again as I sit on the couch and choose not to focus, get angry about, or dwell on the call I received the other day, regarding a growing student debt that I have. In all honesty, I’m a mere work in progress just like some of you (aren’t we all).Yes, my feelings weren’t exactly in a great place at the time, but instead I chose to not let it drag me down like I would have let it in the past. I’m choosing to wake up, and find other things to zero in on in my head – things that can be of service to me going forward. Moving forward also means not letting that phone call, or the amount of money I have shape how I feel about myself as a whole. In finding our identity, understanding our past experiences – accepting it and finding the good in it all (our purpose and the reasoning behind why we needed to go through it to make us better), we can start to be more confident and self assured, thus, having more control over our thoughts (Realizing that our human qualities, imperfections, and life challenges, are what differentiates us).

Jim Rohn once said : “Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching in learning is where the miracle process all begins .”

Making A Mends

It’s never too late to make a mends with ourselves, our circumstances, and whomever it was that made us feel that we were less than – to forgive ourselves if we are/were in fact telling ourselves that we should have done this or that way back when, if only we knew this…, if only our parents did this. Most importantly, It’s never too late to grow & learn – to change our relationship with ourselves, and to change how we see the world!