change your morning

Have you ever wondered why you feel sluggish and tired throughout the day even after getting a good night’s sleep? We often pay less attention to our morning routines and don’t bother much about creating one. The first thing we usually do after waking up is to check our phones and that pretty much sets the tone of our day, without realizing what kind of information we are absorbing by looking at certain content. This guide will show you an effective way of developing a productive morning routine to enhance your lifestyle and for the betterment of your mental and physical health. 

Your thoughts and sleep influence how you feel

– Practice positivity before sleeping 

It is natural to wake up with the same feeling that you sleep with. It has been scientifically proven that if people sleep in a bad mood, they tend to wake up feeling the same way. Hence, our sleep significantly influences the way we feel in the morning. It is advised to think positive thoughts before sleeping as it gets engraved in our subconscious mind and we tend to wake up feeling more energetic and positive. 

– Think about uplifting things

It is useful to recite some useful thoughts to yourself before sleeping. Thoughts such as “I will feel energetic and fresh tomorrow” or “I will feel my hundred per cent tomorrow” will encourage you to feel this way in the morning as it is embedded in your subconscious mind. 

– Place your alarm far away from you

This is a foolproof trick that works for almost everyone. Placing your phone away from you while sleeping will force you to wake up in the morning to turn off your alarm. This way you will be forced to get out of bed and break your sleep pattern. 

– Hydration is important

We lose a lot of water in our sleep and that can cause dehydration, leading to bad health and feeling sluggish in the morning. Having a glass of water before sleeping is imperative as it will rejuvenate your body and make you more energetic in the morning. 

– Food intake

It is advised to consume your dinner 2-3 hours before sleeping at night as it allows enough time for digestion and prevents any health issues from taking place. Sometimes being overloaded with food can disturb your sleep, causing you to wake up every often and ruining your sleep. This will either make you lethargic or prevent you from waking up early in the morning. 

How to build a morning routine

– Practice silence/meditation 

Practising silence or any form of meditation is a great way to connect with your inner self. It should be the first thing to practice as soon as you wake up as it allows you to focus on your thoughts, rather than getting influenced by external factors that affect your mindset. Deep breathing, meditation, or just sitting in silence can help you prioritize your thoughts and lower the risk of anxiety. 

– Visualization 

Practising visualization and reciting affirmations helps you focus on your goals, aims, and helps you build a positive mindset. It allows you to focus on what you want to achieve in life and lets you believe in yourself. To find the right kind of affirmations, it is necessary to ask yourself what you want to achieve in life and how you would want to achieve it. 

– Exercise 

Exercising in the morning will fuel your day and helps you stay energetic throughout the day. It enables you to build mental endurance, mental focus and improves your mood. To stay mentally and physically alert, it is advised to work out regularly to increase heart rate and blood circulation. 

– Journaling or reading 

We usually tend to wake up with the thoughts that we sleep with. Some thoughts can be negative, and some thoughts can be positive. Making journaling a part of your morning will help you introspect and reflect on your thoughts, allowing you to filter what enters your mind and what goes out. Reading self-help and informative books is beneficial to boost mental endurance. Making this a part of your morning routine will benefit you more than browsing social media and digital content in the morning. Additionally, it is proven that absorbing any kind of information in the morning will help you remember that piece of information throughout the day. 

– Podcasts

Some informative podcasts that are worth listening to in the morning as you can gain some knowledge and boost your mental focus. There are several underrated podcast topics, such as mindfulness, spirituality, lifestyle improvement, nutrition, funeral-related subjects (such as funeral rituals and funeral decorations), life and death, etc. that can help to expand your knowledge and gain a new perspective on certain subjects.