Lauren Lepley was one such person who, despite a global pandemic, managed to launch a wellness center and platform that is the first and only sustainable and certified plastic-free center. Lauren’s wellness center Aleafia has a wide range of services, from fitness classes, massages to online content available on the Aleafia app. In addition, Lauren’s quest for growth through lockdown saw her develop and forge a thriving business that offers support and guidance for budding entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts.

Despite her rapid success, Lauren has managed to keep her focus on people rather than profits. Her business is all about giving back and helping other entrepreneurs in the wellness industry to succeed and gain media exposure and clients. Lauren’s no-nonsense attitude and ability to transform adversity into success characterizes her brand. She offers coaching on transforming a ‘business’ into a ‘brand’ through her ‘Next Level Success’ course available on her website.

Lauren did not allow herself to encounter challenges along life’s road to stop her from carving out her dreams. A cancer diagnosis would have crushed many, but not Lauren. Instead, she channeled her feelings during her illness and poured them into creating amazing content for her various wellness programs, including the Self Care Challenge.

The wellness industry is huge in 2021, but perhaps no one is more qualified than Lauren Lepley to understand the heart of this booming sector truly. Wellness for Lauren has meant taking ownership of the past, good things and bad, and not allowing struggles to define who she is and can become. Cancer, abuse, and bullying all threatened to stifle Lauren’s creativity and dream life, but like the phoenix who withered to ashes, she rose again. This time with a vengeance, a vengeance to provide hope for struggling wellness entrepreneurs.

For many entrepreneurs, the preceding 18 months have been a time of immense challenge. Often during challenges, people either wither or grow. Lauren’s Growth program offers 12 weeks of hands-on coaching and instruction with Lauren. This program involves learning key strategies and tools that Lauren has tried and tested on her own business for significant success. Any budding or struggling entrepreneurs who seek a transformative lift for their business should reach out to Lauren directly on her website for further information.

For entrepreneurs reading, Lauren has one message: Consistency. A clear strategy that has helped Lauren succeed in her business goals has been her ability to believe in herself and commit to the ‘hustle’ day by day. This ‘hustle’ has seen her Instagram page explode, and little wonder, with Lauren sharing valuable tips and personal strategies for her followers, completely free.

Lauren’s coaching can plant the seeds of rapid transformation for any struggling entrepreneur. With a particular focus on optimizing time and regaining clarity of goals and mission, Aleafia is an excellent prototype for any business. Lauren’s mission of spreading peace and compassion translates into her product store in Aleafia. The store stocks only sustainable, ethically responsible, and cruelty-free products, making for an excellent guilt-free shopping experience. Aleafia exists as a positive wellness space that offers something for everyone. In addition, Lauren is committed to providing wellness strategies to the next generation, the youth. This has seen a highly successful school project educating pupils on nutrition, wellness, fitness, and meditation. No doubt, Lauren’s commitment to providing wellness tools for the next generation will have planted the seeds of future entrepreneurs amongst these young minds.

With over 15 years of experience, Lauren has a breadth of personal and professional experience that has helped her collate a library of services and packages for her clients. This library offers hope for any entrepreneurs who are at a loss on how to get their business in check. Perhaps the best place to start is booking a complimentary session with Lauren; more details on this free session are available on her website.

Lauren sees the rippling effect of her work; she likens herself to a tree and can share her knowledge and story with others through her work. Lauren thrives when she can help others; this, in turn, leads to those she helps, helping others and the cycle of regeneration and inspiration continues. Lauren is the stem from which others can grow and learn; she has used her pain to serve others and ensure no one experiences what she has gone through. Lauren believes that optimal health allows us to achieve optimal wealth. For Lauren, wealth equates to joy as much as money.

Challenges are all to be expected along the way of creating a business. Challenges have been paramount in Lauren’s life, but she has not entertained any of them beyond the point of allowing her to grow. Instead, Lauren sees challenges as tests for strength and opportunities for further growth as a person.

Lauren’s parting words for all entrepreneurs is: Own your time. She states, “There are 1440 minutes in a day; if you use just 1%, which is 14 minutes to better yourself and your business, amazing things can happen”. Lauren’s coaching has breathed life into many failing businesses, and her exuberance and passion are contagious both for her peers and her clients.