Whether you are scouting for your next gift or looking to elevate your lifestyle, the luxury goods always hold the key to quality and prestige. With the availability of a plethora of online shopping portals who are selling luxurious brands with good deals, chances that they may be fake are more. Here, it becomes important to know about the authenticity of the product, especially if you are buying a pre-owned luxury product. Since these products have a skyrocketing price tag, one needs to be aware of its genuineness before purchasing it.

To make things easier, here we have penned down the process of how you can check the authenticity of a pre-owned luxury product-

1. Check the quality first: The brands or products that are authentic does not compromise on the quality of the product. You will get to know whether the product is real or fake just by looking at the material or fabric of the product. 

2. Colour: If you are buying a pre-owned item, you can easily ascertain the originality of the brand through its high crafted colour options. Always look for the stitching from inside, the threads used, colour staining on the labels, and pocket bags such as Anastasiya bags.

3. Writing: Always be a smart shopper while buying luxury items. Check the tags and belt for misspelling and font style. As every brand has its own style and certain typeface and most of them like Anastasiya bagaholic do not mention anything on their product. 

For example, if you are buying a Louis Vuitton bag, if you find something written more than the monogram “LV”, then the product is bogus for sure. In the case of Michael Kors or MK, the two letters will be written very close together and the engraving is neat and clear.

4. Weight: Generally, counterfeit products are lighter than the original ones. So, it is easier to check the authenticity of the product this way.

Quick tips to check the authenticity of your pre-owned product-

  • Authenticate your seller: Always explore the background of the source from where you are buying that eye-catching pre-owned luxury product. Check if the website tells you about the source from where they are sourcing the product. If you get your answer, you can proceed with your purchase.
  • Read the reviews: Check if the company has got the reliable reviews from its customers. Ideally, these should be added regularly over an extended period. If you find that the reviews are recent, be cautious while making any purchase from that seller.
  • Go through the return policy: You must know whether the item from where you are purchasing will be returned or not. If the company is not taking returns or offering any store credit, the chances of fraud are more.
  • Know about the company’s online presence: Do not hesitate and make sure you thoroughly investigate the seller’s online presence. Whether they are active on the social media portals or not. Do they interact with their followers? Did you find it anywhere in the press?
  • Make yourself a product expert: It is very important to familiarise yourself with the brand that you are buying. While buying any product, do not forget to check the label, serial numbers, and logos on it. If these things are missing or altered, that is a sure sign of impostor. Also, look for a warranty which is the most important aspect.
  • Know the mark of quality: Educate yourself on the look, feel, and sound of the product. If you are aware of these factors, you will never be buying anything wrong. 
  • Have a look at the payment method: The credible online sellers will offer you with most of the payment options. If they do not, then this may be a sign of a red flag.


Buying pre-owned luxury items will no more be hassle-task if you are aware of the right process. The above-mentioned process will help you to find the best deal while hunting for any second-hand luxury item. Make sure you keep the tips in your mind mentioned here to check the authenticity of the product that you are buying. If you are done with this, you are ready to go!