how to choose optimism in hard times

These days, the news is gloomy and the days can feel ridiculously long. It’s easy to slip into a depressive state when so much negativity surrounds us.

And I’ve been wondering… How do you choose optimism in times like these? When it’s so easy to succumb to the fear outside?

Here are three KEY ways to choose optimism in hard times.

Find Gratitude

Yes, the walls may be closing in. Or you feel lonely. Or if you’re an essential worker, you’re tired and overwhelmed.

But if you’re healthy: be thankful.

If you have food to eat today: be thankful.

If you have a warm, safe place to sleep: be thankful.

It’s not always easy to take pleasure from simple things, but they are what genuinely help us be optimistic in our daily lives. So, during these hard times, put a journal next to your bed to record all of the good moments and things occurring in your life (often without you even noticing).

Spread Positivity

Making others feel good transfers to you feeling incredible. So, take a few moments each day to leave a note or kind word to someone else. Putting a smile on someone’s face is sure-fire way to make you more positive as well.

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Curate Your Input

What you surround yourself with affects your emotional state enormously. Consider these contrasting activities:

You can watch depressive news for hours. Or listen to upbeat music.

You can stay inside. Or take a nature walk outdoors while listening to the birds chirp.

You can watch entire seasons of Netflix. Or Facetime with a close friend or family member.

They are small choices we make daily, but they impact our mood in a monumental way. It’s the difference between pessimism and optimism.

In Conclusion

Choosing optimism is harder than ever. But it’s also more NEEDED, as we’re all in this together.

Be the person that lifts others up during difficult times. Choose gratitude, spread positivity, and make good choices with your time.

You’ll quickly notice a massive shift in how you feel. And so will others.

“Being optimistic is like a muscle that gets stronger with use.”

Robin Roberts