Different Social Media Platforms

In your daily routine of running your business, it is very difficult to make time and be active on all the social media platforms. Shrinking down the choice of the platforms will help you focus and be efficient. It will get the best result on time and money for your investment. But now is not your daily routine. Most of you are stuck in lock-down due to COVID-19 with minimal time to do your regular business activities. This is the perfect time to work on your Digital Marketing Strategies. You can now think about taking your business to Social Media Marketing in this Social Distancing Scenario. Now the question is which Social Media Platform to choose for your business. Well don’t worry, this post is specifically designed for you by the team at Accetrix – Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad, India.

Here are the important steps to determine which platform is perfect for marketing your business. Where people go beyond ordinary ways and use different ways to connect online for all kinds of reasons. 

Step 1: Recognize your target audience and budget for marketing?

This is very crucial. Be as specific as possible, as it will be easy to create your marketing campaign.

Jot down the answers to the following questions and any other relevant questions related to your business industry. In array to help you build your target audience and the budget for the campaign.

  • What is your target demographics?
  • Are they male or female?
  • How much do they earn?
  • Their education level
  • What are their Hobbies?
  • What are your brand image and message?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • What is your campaign goal?

Step 2:  Define and describe your Goal

Once you have identified the goal and budget for your social media campaign, you need to define the goal for your audience.

As a businessman, your prime aim is possibly be to boost sales by attracting more customers.

However, there are other creative goals for social media marketing. For instance, some brands use social networks for brand recognition and awareness to build up friendly relations with their consumers, whereas some might use it just for customer support.

When it comes to determining your social media goals, brainstorm ideas and unique ways social media could be beneficial for your brand.  

Step 3: Discover your target audience

After brainstorming the first two steps, it’s time to find locate your audience. For this, you need to research on which platform does your audience uses by looking at each type of social network and what they are used for. This will help you create a strategy keeping in mind the content according to the channels. 

Adding on, you will also have to do an analysis of the behavioral pattern online. For instance, youngsters may have a profile on Facebook, but they are more active on Insta.

If you know the answers to these three questions. It’s comparatively easy to pick it down to a frozen two to three platforms to devote your time to.  (Keynote- Yes, a frozen two or three; no more. Unless you have a huge team to direct them all or employ a social media marketing company, do not try to be on too many networking channels. All platforms take time, and you won’t see results unless you put in the efforts.)

After the first 3 steps now the major concern is which Social Media (sites) Platforms do you invest in? Or do you invest in all of them? Which platform is going to be the perfect blend for your business? 

Here is the guide that will help you select the best-suited social media platforms for marketing your business : 


All the above tips, tricks, and information are very much important before selecting the platforms. You now have an outline of the most important channel.

You would have already established a social media presence on at least a few of them. Now you know which platform best suits your business. But don’t have the time or know-how to manage them? 

Accetrix is the right place that helps you manage all types of social media. Get all your profiles into a single platform and let us help you reach your aim.

There’s nothing holding you back. You have the information you need.

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