The baby crawling mat is a very useful accessory for babies who are starting to crawl and a safe place for them to play. Parents can choose from a number of commercially available models. It is a very useful accessory when children grow up, become curious and begin to explore the world through sight, touch and hearing.

In this article, New Baby Wish will analyze the most relevant factors to consider before buying a baby crawling mat. Since the child will use it often, it is good to pay attention to the types, dimensions, materials, safety, and more. Let’s find out together what the factors to consider before choosing one are.


On the market there are different types that differ mainly in the materials with which they are made and in the number of activities that allow the child to carry out. Let’s analyze the main ones.

Soft Coral Fleece Mats: This type is the simplest but it is soft and flexible and is suitable for the little ones when they start to lift their heads, crawl and roll. The most common type is made up of soft coral fleece; the baby mat can be created in various sizes, shapes and colours. Click here to find out the different types of baby crawling mats with various sizes, colours and materials.

Gym Mat: this type includes a series of games and plastic elements that stimulate and entice the child to move to grab them. Obviously, compared to the first type it is more bulky and cannot simply be folded and removed from half.

Puzzle Mats: puzzle mats can take on different shapes and sizes based on children’s creativity. Typically, they have numbers and letters that can be pulled out and then put back in the right boxes. In addition, the pieces of the puzzle can also be joined to build other shapes such as cubes or houses.

Activity Mats:  on the activity mats there are pockets where it is possible to hide objects that the child has to search for. Sometimes, there are also rings where you can add rattles or shapes to provide new stimuli than those present on the carpet itself such as designs, shapes and numbers.


The dimensions of the baby crawling mat must guarantee adequate space for the child to move around in total safety. The various models also change according to age, it is important that the thickness of the mat is able to cushion the weight of the child in case he falls. For children who are not yet walking, it is better to opt for a mat that has a thickness between 6 cm and 8 cm, while if they have just started to stand up it is better to take a shorter one otherwise it could make them lose their balance. In addition to this, the thickness is also important to insulate the child from the cold of the floor. Generally, the ideal thickness is from 2 cm onwards. Some choose to increase it by putting a blanket under the mat.


The factors to consider when choosing the type of material are safety and ease of cleaning. Cotton is widely used and appreciated by parents because it is soft and delicate in contact with the skin of the little ones. Unfortunately, if it gets dirty with baby food, milk or anything else, it must be washed in the washing machine. Foam is also widespread because it is decorative, practical but unlike cotton, it does not absorb, therefore, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Comfort e relax

In addition to being a space dedicated to play, the mat can also become a relaxation area where the child could fall asleep between activities. For this reason, it is good to choose one that is comfortable and padded enough to ensure the right softness in the back. At the same time, however, we must not exceed, especially if it is a question of newborns who still cannot raise their heads by themselves, because the padding could make them suffocate.


The baby crawling mat has the task of stimulating the child and attracting his attention. For this reason, it is necessary to opt for bright and lively colours, especially if it is a question of newborns who in the first months of life do not distinguish well the different shades but only the high contrast colours. For older children, they can choose from a variety of mats that represent their favourite cartoon character.


A key aspect is that the mat is safe for the baby even if it is not monitored 24 hours a day. In this regard, it is necessary to make sure that the materials are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. In addition, it is good to choose a mat that does not have too small parts or that crumble because there is a risk that the child will ingest them. Finally, it is also important to pay attention to any accessories such as rings or hooks where the child can insert his hands and feet and get stuck.