Orthodontic clinics in which a multitude of medical devices are handled must require the assistance given by a laboratory service. Naturally, there is always the possibility that this service and facilities are integrated into the clinic’s own structure; even so, the most common is to have the collaboration of a specialized laboratory.

What should we attend to when choosing the laboratory with which we are going to work?

  1. Professionalism it is necessary to verify that the staff that will attend to my request is specialized in the different branches of dentistry on which the laboratory provides services, to ensure that we will obtain the materials that each diagnosis requires. Certain orthodontic supply needs cannot be addressed from a purely general perspective.
  2. In time and form. The provision of an orthodontic laboratory service, in addition to being based on technical factors, must also be based on business criteria. Thus, the need for an optimal managerial management of the service is imposed, the supplies have to be served not only in the right way, but also on time.
  3. Materials. You should not skimp on the choice of materials, we want to offer the best quality to our patients and products that do not guarantee maximum reliability are not useful.
  4. Guarantee. Define with the laboratory the quality and sterilization controls that each product must go through before packaging and subsequent delivery. Also reviewing strict compliance with the laws that affect the manufacture and handling of medical devices.
  5. Product. They are not standardized but specific products, taking into account the uniqueness of each patient’s diagnosis. Therefore, it will be necessary to demand pinpoint perfection. What we will achieve with a laboratory that has the best printing technologies and manual development of artisan work in the production of each prosthesis or splint.

The result of finding a laboratory that meets our needs and with which we can establish a lasting collaboration will facilitate our way of working since we will be able to delegate without unnecessary headaches. With the certainty that we will always get exclusive devices that adapt to the needs of each of our patient

Proximity and accessibility
it is important that the location of the clinic is close to the residence or place of work. Keep in mind that some treatments require several appointments and can take a long time. The proximity facilitates subsequent check-ups and also to be able to go to the clinic with some speed, in case you need urgent treatment.

Long hours are important to be able to adapt to the time possibilities of all patients and offer availability and flexibility when making appointments.

Technology and innovation
it is essential that the clinic has technology that facilitates carrying out the necessary treatments with the greatest comfort for patients and facilitating the professional to work in the most optimal conditions, to perform quality treatment. Only with quality equipment and advanced technology can a good dentist perform treatments that incorporate the advantages of the latest advances in dentistry and dental aesthetics.

materials The materials used in different treatments such as composites (fillings), implants, brackets, as well as the prosthesis materials used by the prosthesis laboratories arranged by dental clinics, such as crowns or veneers, must be of the highest quality and have exceeded demanding quality standards, from experienced suppliers and not from manufacturers in countries without any quality control or certificate. In the case of implants that have years of warranty it is very important to take into account that the guarantee is on the implant (screw) that replaces the root of the lost tooth, and is the one that allows the full activity of the dental functions. In the case of orthodontic treatments, that the materials are fully biocompatible high-end.