This week I have spent a lot of time in introspection. Some much needed rest and a calm knowing that it is all working out for my good. I have taken time to myself to really work on some inner triggers and ancestral healing that needed to take place. I even attended a seven-hour manifestation workshop along with several hours of therapy. It has been more about finding my alignment and choosing to step into the woman I need to become to reach the next level. Despite not being a workaholic this week, my team managed to close $25k in sales and $11k cash in the bank in a mere five days. Proof that I do not need to be working 24/7 to keep my momentum alive and well. It is OKAY to take time to heal and take time for some much-needed self-care.

We forget that our bodies take up a lot of energy just processing us being in a place of love and a place of needing them to produce for us daily the basic needs of living. We just keep thinking that it must keep going. We must keep processing. We must keep dragging our body through the hectic life of going a million miles a minute. Then, one day, it all crashes into an overwhelming sense of we cannot keep going on. Either on a nervous breakdown emotional level or on a physical my body is collapsing on me level. Or I guess if you are lucky like me, it could be both. That moment of truth where you can no longer keep doing what you are doing. You must change your ways. You have to let go and start changing your patterns in some way in order to even have a life moving forward. 

Some of us even have the instant reality check of being told some grave news that physically we either come to terms with or we don’t. It is a moment of truth. That moment that you either figure out your life and how to deal or you might not live to see life in another year or two. I still remember the day I had a mini-stroke at age thirty. It was my first of many reality checks on a physical level over the next eight years. That moment of truth that the doctor looks you in the eye and says you either change what you are doing or you won’t be alive ten years from now. That moment of literally shaking you to the core. Only problem is that at thirty I thought I could just keep doing what I was doing and he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Then it all crashed even more. Slowly each time I ignored the doctors’ advice…I found myself given grave news that made the reality sink in a little deeper. Until one day, I woke up and decided that I had to change. They were right. I had to eat better. I had to rest more. I had to get rid of the stress. I had to be happier. I had to take time away from work. I had to spend more time with those I love. I had to make time to do all the things on my bucket list I never thought I had time for because we are not promised tomorrow. Ever. 

When I finally accepted the truth, I could move into the slowly taking steps to make it happen. That is how I got to where I am this week. The time where I can take time to sleep more. The time where I can spend time in nature. The time when I can heal. The time when I can celebrate. The time when I can trust that things can come to me without me working so hard. The time where I choose to make time to check on loved ones and see how their day went. The time where I can appreciate the beauty in a sunrise or a sunset. The time where I can listen to crash of water and realize it breeds my creativity so I need more of it. The time where I can explore alternative healing therapies that I had never thought I would do. The time where I trust doctors more than I trust myself. The time where I lean into who I want to become today, not tomorrow or next year or when the timing is better…no, NOW. The time when I spend money because I can’t take it to the grave with me. The time when I invest in self-development, in staff, in taking myself and my business to the next level. The time when I invest in my dreams because I can’t wait to make them happen. Time isn’t on my side always. It is time now to step into who I want to be and I can promise you that I am doing every bit of that. I encourage you to sit down today and list out what your future self wants. Do you want a home on the lake? Go look at them. Get a realtor. Find out what you need to make it happen. Do you want that million-dollar business? Hire help. Hire a strategist to get you there. Push yourself to new levels. Do you want to publish that book? Start writing. Do you want to leave a legacy to your kids? Start having deep conversations with them. Start spending more time with them. Do you want to travel more? Book that vacation. Make it happen. Every step is a step in the direction of your dreams. You are the co-creator of the life of your dreams with the Universe. Start making it happen. You are magic.