The hairbrush and trimming units that make up the trimmer gets dirtier in time with dead skin, hair and dust depending on usage. If you want to get a full performance from your trimmer for a long time, I recommend that you always take very little time to clean after each use. The only good way to grow a beard is the using the right tools in the right way.

How to clean beard trimmer?

The current beard trimmers that you can buy today can be cleaned with a brush or water according to the brand and type. The latest products, which utilize all the possibilities of technology in beard trimmers, have the self-cleaning feature. (It’s nice, but I’m lazy, I do not like technology because of this one reason). These machines have a separate cleaning chamber. Before you start cleaning the trimmer you use, read the manual, and learn about the cleaning method for the machine. If you do not have such an option, you will clean it up according to standard cleaning instructions.

If your beard trimmer has a structure that is cleaned with water, turn off your device before cleaning and open the shaving head. Keep your hand clean by holding it under hot water to withstand it. Clean the bristles under the tap. If you can not completely clean it, you can use a soft bristle toothbrush that you do not use or machine’s own cleaning brush. At the end of all of these steps, squeeze the excess water from the machine.

You can easily clean the bristles and other dirt sticking to the body of your trimmer with the help of a brush.

If necessary, clean the other headers with a brush under the faucet. Once you have cleaned all the heads and shaving unit, you can leave it open to dry.

If your trimmer does not have a structure suitable for cleaning with water, you can brush it by removing or opening the heads. Also, you can wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper napkin.

This also applies to beard and hair styling devices. By applying the same methods, you can also clean your hair and beard shaping devices.

You can also use a special shaving cleaner spray from shaving makers. You can find this spore in big markets, in electronic stores and in shops selling some cosmetics.

Some More Recommendations

If you do not have any skin problems/irritation (pimples, swelling, etc.) in your face, we recommend you to cut your beard using a razor. The best thing about shaving is always razors. You can not get the exact same as from the machine. You can use post-shaving lotion to prevent post-shave irritation, but we do not recommend using cologne.