The end is near.
You’ve heard all the warnings. You’ve seen all the signs.

And now it’s here.

We’re closing out the end of not only an intense AF year but also a ten year cycle of becoming that began in 2010.

We’ve been working – some of us more relentlessly than others over the past decade on our becoming – we’ve been shedding layers, we’ve been letting go of who we thought we were and have only really now begun to chart a new course.

To honor all of this, I’ve got a ritual for you so that you can make the closing of this past decade so bad-ass that you high-five yourself. (And then, tell no one of your adorable goofiness.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cozy, sacred space where you won’t be interrupted for 33 minutes minimum.
  • A journal, one candle, a timer and some white sage or palo santo.
  • Some water or herbal tea, and a box of tissues (it has been 10 whole years, a lot has happened!).
  • A comfy place to sit – whether it’s on a meditation pillow, bed or yoga mat. Add pillows and blankets so you can be comfy and rest after if needed.
  • Leave your phone in the other room or put it on airplane mode if you’re using it as your timer.

Now, here’s what you’ll do:

First, say out loud an invocation as you light your candle – call on your Higher Self, guides and angels and any other deities or God/Goddess energy you feel aligned with.

Example of this might be, “Oh, supreme Goddess and Higher Self, please bless me as I step into this ritual to honor 2010-2019. Please allow me to leave behind anything that has held me back and allow me to celebrate all that I’ve experienced. Please bring me clarity so that I may see myself and my life crystal clearly and may this ritual support me in moving powerfully forward into the new decade.”

Now, set your timer for 11 minutes and close your eyes for a silent meditation. Affirm that all you need to remember about this past decade will come back to you.

We use 11 minutes, because 11 is a master number. That means, when we activate 11, we open up to connect more greatly to higher consciousness.

If you feel discomfort as you meditate, breathe into it, it’s okay. Simply focus on any body or mind sensations/distractions and breathe into them, allowing them to release as you exhale.

Next, take out your journal, set your timer for 11 minutes and free-write on the following:

  • What were your best / peak moments of the past 10 years? Where did you rock the holy mother out of your life?
  • Where did you crash and burn?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What do you want to leave in this ten-year cycle?
  • What do you want to carry forward because you love it so much?

After you’re complete, review and circle the aspects you want to leave in this ten-year cycle. Close your eyes and imagine that you’re gathering these aspects up and placing them into a bubble of golden light.

Then, give that bubble to Source/God/The Great Mother (whatever resonates for you). Ask that it’s all transmuted to Divine Love and released from your life-stream with ease and grace. So be it. And so it is.

Then, review and circle the aspects you’re most proud of yourself for. How will you celebrate?

Write out some ideas for how you can reward yourself for your growth over this decade. Think spa pedicure, a healthy dinner out with someone you adore, two hours of uninterrupted time in nature – or whatever feels grounding and nourishing to you.

Next, pay special attention to your answers to the final question – what are you carrying into 2020, which heralds the start of a new decade, and a new opportunity to put who you truly are into expanded action.

Put that list up somewhere you will see it often – your bathroom mirror, fridge or on your desk.

You did it!

A simple, yet highly-effective ritual to close out 2019 and the decade it’s been carrying with it.

Sage yourself from head to toe, and front and back to clear yourself of what you’ve released. Open a window to allow the space you were in to clear as well.

And then, go celebrate like the spiritual gangster you are, because this next decade hasn’t seen anything yet – you’re just getting started.