how to cure depression naturally

Depression is a life-altering mood disorder. It discourages you from completing your actions or seeking help that would begin your recovery. Today, around 150 million people suffer from depression worldwide.

Depression is very dangerous, and it can sometimes lead to substance addictions. People use different drugs to fight depression, and slowly they become drug addict. There are many drug detox centers that help in treating people with drug addiction. This is the medical treatment for depression; but there are some natural ways that can help fight depression. Overcoming depression isn’t easy, it takes time, but you can get there and feel better by making positive choices in your life.

Here are some useful tricks to fight depression naturally.

Make healthy food choices

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Have you ever thought that food choices could have a significant impact on your mood? It can. There are some foods that support your neurotransmitters (brain’s messengers that control your energy levels, mood, appetite and other functions).

According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2009, researchers examined the relationship between depression and dietary patterns. They found that whole food dietary pattern (heavily loaded by vegetables, fruits, and fish) had lower rates of depression. In contrast, high intake of processed food (sweetened desserts, fried food, processed meat, refined grains and high-fat dairy products) was linked with an increased risk of developing depression. There is no diet that cures depression, but eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids can be helpful in treating mood disorders.

Cure depression with Mindfulness

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A depressed mind is filled with thoughts of guilt or pain from the past events. One idea leads to another, and the person feels bad about feeling that way and fall into despair. Mindfulness therapy is more effective and long-lasting than expensive drugs, without any side effects. It allows you to concentrate on the present moment and encourages non-judgmental thinking. A study from Behavior Research and Therapy found that mindfulness therapy can help in treating individuals suffering from depression successfully.

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Use essential oils

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There are some essential oils that help in relieving stress and improve sleep. Lavender oil is the best to promote a feeling of peace and prevent mood swings. It has healing and sedative properties. Studies show that lavender oil also has neuro protective effects. It enhances dopamine receptors and works as an antioxidant.

Roman chamomile essential oil also works as a mild sedative that naturally calms nerves and promotes relaxation. Research shows that Roman chamomile oil can be used alone or in combination with lavender oil to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.


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Yoga can do wonders in treating depression. It gives you a boost of energy, and helps you to sleep better. Incorporating yoga into your lifestyle promote a feeling of harmony and self-worth and decreases depression symptoms. Yoga boosts endorphins (feel-good chemicals) levels and rewires the brain in positive ways.


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