Social media is like a 24 hour drugstore that never ceases to sleep. We are inundated with non-stop information, entertainment and social networking at our fingertips. Therefore, it is imperative to limit yourself. If you do not, chances are you will increase your likelihood of burnout, your relationships will suffer, as well as your health.
Being a content creator, influencer and book blogger it is critical for me to set boundaries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the things I practice regularly for my sanity:
•Set goals:
Setting goals helps you stay focused and not get distracted. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals that are attainable. This way you won’t feel pressured all the time. Once you have reached your goals you can relax and focus on other things in life.
•Create a routine:
Set a time and after that daily time, turn off push-notifications, silence your phone and put it in a drawer face down. Try not to start your day with the screen glued to your face. For example, set a boundary not to check emails and go on social media until after you have done the essentials i.e. breakfast, exercise.
•Find New Hobbies:
Learn something new by joining a class of your interest. It will force you to be away from devices and learn something new. Such classes can be, aerobics, photography, painting, writing. Anything that gets you to shift gears from social media.
•Prioritize Self-Care:
Allot time for physical and mental health. Have a daily routine for exercise and meditation. The human brain can only focus on one thing at a time. These practices work wonders for productivity. You come back revitalized and recharged, ready to work.
•Make sure to get adequate amounts of sleep
•Take a bubble bath, decompress with a bath and a book
•Plan a vacation:
Vacations are the best way to detox, reset and take mental time off to enjoy life and family.

•Weekends are for Resetting:
Be strict about not working or going online on certain days. Take the weekend off. If two days are out of the question, then make it one but at least take a day off during the week. Your mental and physical being will thank you.
Most Importantly laugh. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging
people. Studies show laughing and spending quality time with friends are great for your immunity, longevity and mental health.