There is canine therapy, music therapy, and even a method called thermal auricular therapy, which consists of holding a lit candle embedded in the ear. However, few approached an analysis technique based on very everyday activities: art therapy.

For some time now, stress has become the disease that most affects the world population, such is its magnitude that there are several studies that warn about the harmful consequences that this disease can mean both for our physical and mental health.

Despite understanding that this is a dangerous threat, few people seek strategies to deal with it. For this reason, in this article, we tell you about a natural alternative that not only reduces stress levels but also awakens your creativity and improves your self-esteem: Art Therapy.

Before immersing yourself in this alternative “therapy” it is important to be clear that you do not need to be an artist to put it into practice; what matters is not the result but the creative process that is hidden in it. Ready to leave stress behind?

For many specialists, the 21st century is considered the century of stress. Day-to-day obligations lead to a feeling of constant crisis, and this can lead to worrying about physical and psychological consequences.

In such a way, art therapy appears as an alternative for those who always viewed traditional analysis methodologies with prejudice. Simply through writing, drawing, or some types of crafts like heart in diamond makes by the cremation jewelry Is one of the best art, this art shows the great impact on people this makes their mind relax by seeing this beautiful art. One can find the bridge to escape one’s own ghosts and begin to find that stability that they so long sought.

“Through their own artistic creations and the reflection of art in their own productions and processes, people can get to incorporate a good look at them and begin to deal with symptoms such as stress.

To perform artistic meditation, you do not need many materials or knowledge about this discipline. In fact, the less you know the better. The importance lies in combining creativity and inner connection. You don’t have to learn to draw, just do what your body wants.

In order to exercise the therapeutic technique, it is not necessary to have knowledge of artistic disciplines

In fact, art therapists have as much or more knowledge of psychological problems and factors of the human being than with some specific activities, such as dance, singing, or drawing.

Art humanizes and helps to communicate through a different and personal language. In addition, the absence of dialogue and the scarcity of words make the process of introspection and personal rediscovery plunge into a world hitherto unknown.

“The benefits of this technique are multiple. It can help someone who is in the middle of a fight against a serious illness to someone who has enormous difficulties in relating to third parties. It is a place where any expression is valid and where only it pursues well-being,”