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Are you stuck in a rut?

You feel like your life is moving in circles and not moving forward.

You are making the same mistakes. You feel like nothing is coming into your life or going out.

You are stagnant.
If this sounds like your current situation, do not be shy.

You can come out of this situation.

I have been there too.

For some months and even years, I was battling with stagnation. I felt like nothing was happening.

I felt like I was in a hole.
Nothing was going in, and nothing was coming out.
I knew that I needed to change, but I could not. I did not know how to change. I felt helpless about everything that was happening.

But those days are over.

I am out!
I want to share some of the things that helped me to come out of the rut.

1. Change your Mindset: Your life is a reflection of your mindset.

If your mindset is garbage, your life will be garbage too. Your mindset is simply the total of your thought pattern and your perspective.

If you desire to change your life completely, you should change your mindset. Your mindset controls every part of your life. It conditions the way you view issues. It affects the way you treat others; it affects the way you react in adverse conditions. It affects your behavior. Your mindset is critical in determining the quality of your life.

How do you change your mindset?

Three words:

Unlearn the old mindsets that have kept you down. Discard those thoughts and ways of thinking that are no longer serving you.
There are two major types of mindset, which are the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

The fixed mindset, as the name denotes, is ‘fixed.’
It does not want to change.
It does not want to try new things. It prefers the old ways of behavior. It prefers the old ways of thinking.

Signs that you have a Fixed Mindset

• You don’t like change

• You only believe that you have the ability for some things, not for others

• You don’t like to try new things.

• You stick with the old ways of doing things even when it is no longer serving you.

• You don’t like doing new things.

However, you can change this. You can choose to embrace the growth mindset. A growth mindset is a mindset that seeks to grow and improve.
You embrace change.
You seek to learn new things
You desire to develop new skills
You strive to improve yourself
You seek to learn new things.

Can an individual change from a fixed to a growth mindset?
Yes, you can.
You can change from a fixed to a growth mindset. The power lies within you. The ability to change your mindset is within you. However, you have to put in the work that is needed. Change of mindset is not a walk-in park, but it is possible.
You can follow these steps:

a. Determine the triggers of your fixed mindset: Note the factors that trigger your fixed mindset. What are the things that make you hold on to the fixed mindset?
For some, it could be learning new things.
For some, it could be trying new actions.
For some, it could be public speaking.
Check yourself thoroughly. What triggers a fixed mindset in you?
What makes you cower in fear and make you unable to act?

b. Understand that a fixed mindset comes from fear. This factor is essential.
Every fixed mindset comes from one factor.
All kinds of fear.
Fear of failure.
Fear of rejection.
Even fear of success.
Different kinds of fear have held people back from becoming the people that they desire to be. Fear makes you cringe and unable to make decisions.
Fear makes you think that you are limited in your abilities.
Fear makes you think that you cannot go beyond a certain level.
Therefore, understand that your fixed mindset comes from your fear.

c. Welcome in the fear: Do not hide away from the fact that you have the fear. Do not wash it away. Do not ignore the fear.
Face the fear.
Accept the fact that you are dealing with this fear.
Accept that you are afraid.
This fear is facing you. So, deal with it.
However, you cannot face the fear if you refuse to accept it or ignore it. Accept the fear and then deal with it.

d. Recognize that you have a choice between growth and a fixed mindset: Having accepted the fear, you also have to realize that you choose between growth and a fixed mindset. You can choose to go with your worries, or you can choose to grow. The choice is yours.
Therefore, make it wisely.

e. Refute the fixed mindset voice with a growth mindset: Know this, the fixed mindset has a voice that speaks to your soul. It is that voice that tells you: “You can’t.”
“You can’t do this.”
“You are powerless.”
“You are incompetent.”
“You are useless.”
When that voice comes, stand against it with a growth mindset.
When the voice comes, speak loudly to yourself:
“I can do this.”
“I am powerful.”
“I am competent.”
“I am valuable.”
Assignment: Discover your fixed mindset voice and replace it with a growth mindset and affirm that to yourself daily.

f. Take growth mindset actions that move you forward in your development: You have discovered the problem; you have spoken against it. Now, this is time for action. Go out and take the action that you have been scared of. Go out and do what you have always wanted to do but have been stopped by fear to take action on them.

Go all out and act.

You can do it!

I am rooting for you.

g. Stay flexible, pay attention and adapt: As you act, remember to stay flexible, pay attention and adjust when necessary. Do not be rigid. When your methods are not working, change it.

These are ways that you can change your mindset.

2. Replace your bad habits with good habits: One of the main factors that can make you stagnant is a bad habit. Many people have been running in circles because of the bad habits they have acquired over the years. They know that they are not doing the right things, but they lack the discipline for making those changes.
But you are different.
You are disciplined.
You desire a better life.
You are hungry for change.
You desire to come out of stagnation.
Therefore, you can make those changes. Start gradually and continue with the right habit daily.
If you have any bad habit that is not serving you, don’t cover it. Work on it. Deal with it. Replace it with good practice.
If you love eating sugary snacks, you can replace it with fruits.
If you love to drink alcohol, you can replace it with smoothies.
Replace your bad habits with a good habit.

3. Change your words: Let me ask you this question. What are the things that you are saying to yourself? What is the content of your words?
Are your words bringing life to you, or are they bringing death to you?
Are they helping you to become the person that you desire?
Are your words bringing strength to you?

I remembered that during the days I felt stagnant, I always had one sentence on my mouth. It was, “I am tired.” I always said it morning, afternoon and night. With time, I discovered that I was becoming weary on every side. I was tired spiritually, physically and mentally.

Work became a struggle.

Studying the word was a struggle.

I kept on piling books that I was not reading even though one of my major hobbies was reading.

I lost my passion for a lot of things that I had passion previously for.

I had no hunger and no drive.
I spoke myself into it.
I kept on speaking the wrong things about myself, and with time, they came into manifestation.
So, I want you to peruse the content of your words. What are they doing to you?
Are they bringing joy to you, or are they bringing damnation to your soul?

The bible made a profound statement: “Through your words, you are justified and through your words, you are condemned.”
Also, the bible said that “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.”

Your words are essential.
Please check the content of your words.

4. Change your Company: A wise man said that you are the average of the five persons that you spend your time mostly with. Your company matters a lot in determining the type of life that you desire.
If you desire to have inner drive, move with people that have the inner drive.
If you desire to be wise, move with wise people.
If you desire to be prayerful, move with prayerful people.
If you desire to be loving, move with loving people.

Assignment: Check your company and if your company is not helping you move forward, leave them and walk with people who are going the same direction that you are going.

5. Go for Knowledge: This is very important. Knowledge is power, albeit potential power. Acquire the necessary knowledge that you desire to move forward. The knowledge that you need to move forward is out there.
Go for them.
Read books.
Go for seminars.
Go for workshops.
Take online courses.
By all means, go for knowledge.
Acquire knowledge.
Knowledge will give you the necessary information that you desire to move forward.
Knowledge empowers.
Knowledge improves
Knowledge makes you grow.
So, go and empower yourself with the knowledge that you desire to take yourself out of your current state.
A wise man once said that you need a higher level of knowledge to come out of a problem you had when you got into the situation.
Therefore, if you desire to come out of the situation that you are facing, get knowledge. Get understanding.
Get wisdom.
Do not stay with the level of knowledge that you have.
Grow in knowledge.

6. Get a mentor/coach: A mentor is a person that is already living your dreams. Therefore, if you want to accelerate your journey, get a mentor.
A mentor will help you to move forward in life.
A mentor will shorten your journey.
A mentor will help to guide you on your journey.
A mentor will help to move you on the right path.
A mentor will make your journey easier.

Therefore, get a mentor ASAP.

You might be asking: How do I get a mentor?

You can buy their books.
You can get close to them by getting their courses.
You can get them by rendering service to them.

But remember,
They are human too.
Obey their instructions.
So what they tell you.
Show them that you are serious about your life.
Show them that you desire to change.
Do not dishonor them.
Be teachable and meek.
Be easy to help.
Do not make it hard for them to help you.
Put in your own efforts too.

The best mentor in the world will not be able to assist you if you do not want to help yourself. If you are not willing to change, getting a mentor will be a frustrating effort both for the mentor and yourself. Therefore, before going for a mentor, check yourself. Ask yourself, “Are you ready to give it all it takes to succeed?” Are you ready to pay the price for the success that you desire?
Are you ready to work hard and go all out?

Are you hungry for change?

If your answer is a sincere yes, you are close to coming out of stagnancy.

Do these things, and you will watch your results amaze you

I am rooting for you!

Love and Peace!