It’s natural for a human being to want to improve their life. We feel alive and happy when we see that we can change our life for the better. It can be discouraging if you have a great will to step forward, but again and again you lose your motivation before you get any results.

Know How You Operate

You want to achieve something new – a habit, routine, strategy, hobby – to make your life better, but somehow you quit soon after you start. This is my style. I know it too well. I’ve had my fair share of start-stops as I’ve tried to include a workout to my morning routines as well as with my business strategies. However, I’ve been doing it for so long that I know how it works. Every process I share with you, I’ve been there. Nothing gets passed on unless I’ve gone it through myself.

This is not about forcing yourself to do things differently. It’s about seeing and accepting the way you are doing things and being ok with it. We live in a world where people are shouting us “Just do it!” and “You need to commit”, but they don’t have this challenge of adopting new procedures.

When you understand how you operate, it’s less stressful and easier to keep going and not to give up entirely. That’s the point. Not giving up is committing.

When you decide to start a new habit to upgrade your life, this is how it probably will go. First, you are excited and you have the motivation to do it. Then, as you don’t see immediate results, your mood starts to drop. You probably are telling yourself that this method is not working anyway and that there surely are better and easier ways to do this. Now, you completely lose your motivation and so you quit. Soon, you’ll find another way to do it or another habit to adopt.

Make a Decision and Keep Going

You know that this new habit would make your life better if you just could stick to it. To find out if this new habit brings you the results you want, then you need to make a decision once and for all. Make the decision that you will see it through. No matter how many times you quit, you will continue. You don’t want to abandon every new thing just because you couldn’t adopt it the first time around.

Are you curious to see? Do you want the results?

Six Steps To Get Your Results

  1. Notice the point when you start talking yourself out of it. Say to yourself “Not this time. This time I’m going to see this through.”
  2. To practice commitment, you can set yourself a 30 or 90 days challenge.
  3. Then comes the essential part; Even though you will quit, the point is that you will start over.
  4. You will keep going longer than before, but maybe you will quit again and then start again. And it’s ok.
  5. Just keep going. Every time you start to look for shorcuts, doubt yourself or the process say to yourself; “I believe I can do this. I will see this through. What if in 30 days I will get my results? Wouldn’t that be awesome?”. This is the way to reinforce your belief.
  6. If you don’t quit forever, eventually, you manage to incorporate this new beneficial habit into your life.

I know you want to improve your life and you will. It takes longer, but it gets done. You will get your results. And with the next new habit, you will be quicker.